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What kind of dog do you imagine when it comes to dachshund? Probably short, with an elongated torso, a sharp muzzle, short legs, and long ears? What about the wool? Most likely, is she black and tan, or just red and always short? This is how dachshunds look for most people who are not too versed in cynology. In fact, this breed has many more varieties than you might imagine.

Types of Sausage Dogs

Yes, yes, this is the breed where there is no strict division by height. These tetrapods are divided into groups based on the volume of the dog’s chest. Thus, a representative of the breed can be attributed to the standard, mini, or rabbit group. Their dimensions are as follows:

Standard. Chest girth in standard-sized dogs usually exceeds 35 cm. Bodyweight is 6.5-9 kg.

Mini. In small dachshunds, the chest circumference varies between 30-35 cm. Their weight is from 6.5 to 7 kg.

Rabbit. These dogs are considered the smallest, so they were bred on purpose. Chest girth does not exceed 30 cm, weight from 3.5 to 4 kg.

The growth of dogs also depends on the species. It usually ranges from 12 to 27 cm at the withers.

Types of Weiner Dogs

According to the type of coat, the breed is also divided into three varieties: smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired.

Smooth-haired Dachshunds

Smooth-haired Dachshunds

Smooth-haired. Smooth-haired dachshunds familiar to everyone are spread all over the world. The length of the topcoat does not exceed 2 cm, there is no undercoat. It is smooth and rather stiff to the touch. With good care, the coat of a smooth-haired dachshund becomes almost glossy in the sun.

Wire-haired Dachshunds

Wire-haired Dachshund

Wire-haired. These representatives of the breed are often confused with terriers, which is not surprising since they took part in breeding. The coat of the representatives of this group is quite neat in appearance, does not exceed 3 cm in length. The coat is dense, thick, there is an undercoat. The longest sections are located on the head. There, coarse hairs form something like a beard and bushy eyebrows.

Long-haired Dachshunds

Long-haired Dachshund

Long-haired. In this variety, the coat also adheres well to the body. The longest hairs grow on the tail, ears, back of the legs.

Long-haired dachshunds are the least popular of all. They are bought only for home maintenance. Smooth-haired dachshunds and gestures are considered workers.

In addition, like representatives of other breeds, dachshunds are divided by color. The most common are red and black and tan. The most unusual and rare is the marbled color. There are also several unapproved, but very interesting coat color options. One of these is the brindle. Today, foreign breeders are intensively engaged in breeding such dachshunds.

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