Dachshund: False Pregnancy

False pregnancy is quite common in dachshunds, which, of course, causes anxiety and excitement among the owners, who feel sorry for the pet trying to protect, feed inanimate objects that resemble puppies.

Causes of False Pregnancy

False pregnancy in a dachshund occurs due to hormonal disruptions in its body. At the beginning and the course of the entire period of estrus, a complex of hormones is produced in the female’s body, which she needs for mating, carrying puppies, giving birth, and feeding the offspring.

If for some reason mating does not occur, the production of hormones does not stop, and the female’s body continues to prepare for puppy birth, regardless of whether there was fertilization or not.

Symptoms may appear in both parous and young females 6-10 weeks after estrus. In some dogs, symptoms appear after the first heat and recur regularly at the same time interval.

False Pregnancy Symptoms in Dachshunds

The behavior of the dog changes dramatically, the appetite changes – it increases significantly or disappears altogether.

The psycho-emotional state of the animal is radically changing. The attitude towards others is also changing. In a state of false pregnancy, the dachshund becomes obsessive, apathetic, mood swings are constantly present – from sad to playful. The dog refuses to follow the commands and obey the owners, tries to stay alone.

The nipples and areas near them swell, there may be a slight discharge of milk, light brown liquid.

Sometimes the animal tries to equip itself with a place for puppy birth, using rags, blankets, boxes, etc. There are times when the female begins to treat small soft objects (toys) like her puppies. This is manifested in licking, increased attention to objects.

False Pregnancy Treatment

Usually, a false pregnancy in dachshunds lasts 2-3 months, and no veterinarian intervention is required. The owner only needs to create favorable conditions for the animal’s recovery.

To do this, you should increase the time of walking the dog, do not scold her, treat her affectionately and carefully. It is strictly forbidden to destroy the place for childbirth prepared by her.

It is necessary to bring the dog out of the depressed state by playing and long walks. The dachshund should be fed less and given little water. This will halt milk production and make it easier for the dog to lactate.

If a false pregnancy in a dachshund has dragged on for too long, you should contact your veterinarian. A specialist will examine the animal and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

If false pregnancy is a frequent occurrence, and the dog is not kept for breeding, then it is advisable to remove the ovaries.

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