Dachshund vs Miniature Dachshund

It is known that dachshunds are presented in several sizes: standard, dwarf (miniature), and rabbit. The latter is most often purchased exclusively for hunting. But with the choice of the first or second, problems often arise.

Mini Dachshund vs Dachshund

standard dachshund vs mini

Standard individuals are much more common than dwarf ones. An interesting fact remains that in many reference books these varieties are often confused or combined into one.

Dachshund Sizes

Those who want to purchase a pet of a more compact size should opt for dwarfs. Dogs weighing up to 5 kg and not exceeding 18 cm at the withers are much smaller than their standard relatives. The parameters of the standard variety are as follows: height up to 27 cm, weight – from 9 to 12 kg.

Important! The standard dachshunds are much older in origin than the “dwarfs”.

Dachshund Appearance

Both varieties of the breed, if you do not take into account the difference in height and size, look the same. Both standard and dwarf individuals can be smooth, long, or harsh. Dachshund’s colors are also varied. The standard approved several options that look great on both smaller and large “badger dogs”.

Dachshund Diseases and Life Expectancy

Miniature dachshunds live several years longer. So, they quite calmly live up to 14, or even up to 17 years. Larger individuals usually die at the age of 12-13.

Both the first and the second group are characterized by problems with the spine, which often lead to the fact that dachshunds give up their hind legs. Some dogs remain paralyzed due to back problems. In addition, quite often pets are faced with eye diseases. Advanced retinal atrophy can lead to complete blindness.

Important! Miniature dachshunds are more likely to encounter vision problems than standard dachshunds.

Which Dachshund to Choose?

The temperament and behavior of a dachshund do not depend on its size. The imprint on them is imposed not by height and weight, but by the peculiarities of upbringing. If the dog is not trained and socialized, it will become naughty and aggressive, no matter how large it is.

Dachshunds are great intellectuals. They like to make independent decisions that do not always coincide with the wishes of the owner. These dogs cannot stand being badly treated. In order for a pet to be happy and healthy, it needs to create suitable living conditions. They are the same for both varieties. A healthy and suitable diet, regular walks in the fresh air, feasible physical activity, and the love of the owner – all that these dogs need to be happy, both dwarf and standard.

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