Do Cocker Spaniels Shed?

Taking care of the Cocker Spaniel is quite time-consuming. But only if you take the time and effort to care for your pet, you can be proud of the beauty of the Cocker Spaniel.

The Spaniels shed almost throughout the year but the shedding is intensified in the spring. Regarding the peculiarities of the shedding – it is not abundant, seasonal, so this factor is considered a good addition to the easy and convenient maintenance of the Cocker Spaniel in the house. The Cocker Spaniels shed not too much compared to other long-haired dogs.

The dog’s first shedding occurs at 6 months old when the animal gets rid of the so-called puppyish undercoat. The animal should be combed out 2-3 times a day during this period.

There is an opinion that the Cocker Spaniels have a characteristic and very unpleasant odor that you cannot get rid of even when washing the dog. There are two reasons for the odor: poorly ventilated coat and hanging ears.

The Cocker Spaniels do not smell any worse than other breeds if they are given some proper care, thorough combing, and regular groomings.

The luxurious coat of the Cocker Spaniel requires daily care, brushing, regular trimming, and grooming. In case of untimely care, the hair becomes tangled and will need to be trimmed. Therefore, you should comb your dog regularly, with the frequency of once a day.

Those planning to show their pets should consider grooming as an expense item in the family budget. The dog needs hours to be prepared by a professional groomer with the use of special cosmetics before a show.

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