Do Yorkies Shed Much?

Do you already have a pet at home, or are you just going to get yourself a Yorkshire Terrier? Then it is understandable why you are interested in how to properly care for this cute dog. After all, a good owner always thinks about keeping his pet well-groomed.


Do Yorkshire Terriers shed?

All novice owners of Yorkshire terriers are wondering how much these dogs shed, whether there will be problems with this.

To begin with, molting is a natural process, and it affects absolutely all breeds of dogs, Yorkies are no exception. But they have their own peculiarity – Yorkshire Terriers belong to rare breeds of dogs in which the body is covered not with wool, but with hair that is very similar in structure to human ones. And if a person’s hair falls out regularly, then Yorkies molt in accordance with the seasonal cycles, and this process is not so intense and pronounced.

Thus, the answer to the main question is: “Yes, Yorkies molt!”, But molting is not as noticeable as in other dogs, because it happens slowly throughout the year. The renewal of Yorkie’s wool occurs constantly, in the process of its growth.

So when you have Yorkies, you won’t find a lot of wool all over the house. You can see that the dog is shedding when you bathe your pet, or while brushing it. Grooming is very important for the Yorkshire Terrier! The more you care for your dog’s hair, the less it will fall out.

How to take care of your Yorkshire terrier’s coat

Caring is a regular and correct haircut, the use of nourishing cosmetics, timely combing, and proper washing. Brushing your Yorkie is best done with a moisturizing spray (preferably containing oils). This will keep the luxurious Yorkie fur from being cut.

What is considered normal for Yorkies?

Don’t panic if your pet’s hair remains on the brush, this is completely normal. So you get rid of dead hair from the pet’s coat, thereby renewing it.

What you should pay close attention to

Be aware that a Yorkie shedding too much can indicate a health problem. Knowing that too much hair loss is not typical for this dog breed, you should be alert and visit your veterinarian. Below are some of the most common reasons your Yorkie might start to shed their fur:

Allergic reaction. The reason may be cosmetics that are not suitable for your dog, improper nutrition. Flea bites can also cause an allergic reaction, and therefore hair loss of your pet.

Hormones. Hormonal problems cause hair loss in the Yorkies. And it’s not only about regular processes such as pregnancy but also about a possible hormonal imbalance!

Parasites and skin diseases. This is why it is important for your Yorkie to be checked regularly by a veterinarian. There are many nasty parasites that are so small that you can’t even see them. And the more you delay eliminating them, the worse it will be for your pet – and not only for its coat but also for its overall health.

Diseases. Certain medical conditions are also common causes of hair loss in dogs. In this case, it is advisable to consult a specialist for an accurate diagnosis in order to prescribe the correct treatment.

Does Yorkie’s wool cause allergies in humans?

No dog breed is hypoallergenic. All dogs can be triggers for people with allergies. Indeed, Yorkie’s hair loss is not like a normal dog shedding. But the danger for allergy sufferers still exists. There are people who are allergic to dandruff, etc. Although the likelihood of an allergy to the Yorkshire Terrier is very small, it should not be 100% excluded.

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