Dog Diving: the Favorite Sport of Four-Legged Pets

Not only in the world of two-legged people there are certain sporting trends from time to time. There are also sports in the canine universe that are very popular with humans and animals. This includes, for example, dog diving, a trend sport from the USA.


Dog Diving: What is It?

In principle, the basis for dog diving is jumping into the cool water. The dog sport comes from the USA and is a lot of fun for both dog and owner. A ramp or a pedestal is required for exercising the sport. The dog takes a run over the ramp and jumps into the water. The platform from which the dog jumps is a maximum of 15 to 20 centimeters above the water. This reduces both the fear of heights and the fear of water. In addition, the depth of the water is at least 1.20 meters so that the animals land safely even with a lot of run-ups. Incidentally, during competitions, the jump distance between the platform and the snout is measured. At the moment when the dog hits the surface of the water. Whoever is ahead here wins.

Teaching the Dog Diving

First of all, it is important for the practice of the sport that the dog becomes familiar with the water. In contrast to the bathing lake and stream, the cool water in the swimming pool is crystal clear. This can confuse and unsettle one or two four-legged friends at first. Let him hold his paws, sniff, and do a few swimming exercises with him.

In order for the dog to go into the water, selected toys are thrown during dog diving training or competitions. The owner then gives a certain signal and the four-legged friend tries to catch it. The dog jumps into the water. But there are also objects that cannot be thrown. Logically, these are food and treats. In addition, it is not allowed to simply push the dog into the water. For owners who do this, they will be immediately disqualified at competitions.

What are the Advantages of Dog Diving for Four-Legged Friends?

Dog diving challenges the dogs physically and mentally. It’s not just about the athletic movement component. On the contrary, because the four-legged friend also needs to be able to jump into the cold unknown in front of them. If he notices that the whole thing is still fun, however, the following advantages arise:

  • The dog’s self-confidence is strengthened by the successes;
  • The trust of the owner and the pet is intensified;
  • Jumping into the water is easy on the dog’s musculoskeletal system and joints.

Which Dogs are Best for the Trend Sport?

In general, the dog sport is suitable for every four-legged friend. Here, size and stature do not play a role. In addition, dog diving does not place any special demands on the animal, such as high mobility or endurance. What is important, of course, is a natural predilection for water and jumping. Therefore, water-loving dog breeds have a small advantage here. They plunge into the water without fear and therefore often manage long distances.

Our Recommendation: Adjust According to the Needs of the Four-Legged Friend

Dog diving events are not only great fun for dogs. Usually, there is an enthusiastic audience who carefully observes whether and how the four-legged friend jumps into the pool. Owners now travel several hundred kilometers to take part in these events. It is important not only to pay attention to your own needs but also to those of the dog. Water-shy breeds should not be forced into this sport; try agility, dog dancing, or mantrailing instead. Just accept that your little one is not a passionate water lover. In addition, dog diving is not suitable for pets with cardiovascular diseases, joint problems, or chronic inflammation of the ears.

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