Dog Food: 100% Food Quality of All Raw Materials

For many owners, dogs and cats are no longer just pets, but full members of the family. One that you want to be looked after well and appropriately. Conventional pet food with its unclear ingredients has long ceased to meet the growing expectations of US animal lovers. Terra Canis, therefore, set new standards in the species-appropriate nutrition of dogs and cats and produces pet food in 100% food quality of all raw materials.

Home Cooking for Dogs and Cats

Anyone who has ever opened a can of conventional pet food from the supermarket knows: the contents neither smell particularly good nor do they look very appetizing. Terra Canis founder Birgitta Ornau also made this experience in 2005.

Instead of bowing to the usual offer at the time, the Munich resident cooks homemade meals for her dog Sueno in her own kitchen. With fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and organic eggshells, Birgitta Ornau creates species-appropriate recipes that smell good and taste great.

Shouldn’t every pet owner have the opportunity to offer his four-legged friend such high-quality “home-style cooking”? Yes, thinks Birgitta Ornau and develops the idea for Terra Canis: a dog food that looks like home-cooked, the raw materials of which come in food quality in the bowl. With Terra Canis and Terra Faelis cat food, 15 years ago, the first 100% food-grade animal feed from all raw materials was created throughout Europe.

What is Dog Food in 100% Food Quality of All Raw Materials?

All raw materials that are in 100% food quality of all raw materials in animal food have the same quality as human food and can and may therefore also be used for humans.

This food quality depends on several factors: On the one hand, the cold chain for meat must not be interrupted and the best-before date must not have expired. On the other hand, certain maximum germination limits must be observed for the edible pieces of meat used.

Only if these rules are followed can the meat also be used for human food. While this is mostly not the case with other pet foods, Terra Canis has been able to demonstrate that all of its raw materials are food grade.

Instead of dubious “animal by-products”, as it is often called on cans of conventional pet food, only fresh, high-quality meat and a small amount of nutritious offal paired with healthy fruit and vegetables are used in Terra Canis’ feed.

In order to ensure the food quality of its raw materials, Terra Canis goes an extraordinary way.

Pet Food From the Traditional Butcher’s Shop

To properly process food-grade meat, you also need a food expert. Terra-Canis founder Birgitta Ornau finds that in the master butcher Hermann Schäbitz. In 2005, his traditional butcher in Munich received a special permit from the government of Upper Bavaria: As the first human food company in Europe, Schäbitz is now also allowed to produce pet food with raw materials of 100% food quality.

With decades of professional experience, the butcher has been bringing his food-grade raw materials into Terra Canis pet food since 2005. In the meantime, thanks to the high demand for fodder, the manufactory has expanded, but the expertise remains intact: Schäbitz’s successor, master butcher Jens Naumann, and production manager Sven Schmidt have been ensuring the food quality of all raw materials in their own new production facility near Munich since autumn 2019.

Terra Canis: Quality You Can Smell

The elaborate production and rigorous quality assurance of the raw materials at Terra Canis is worthwhile: anyone who opens a can of dog food will be surprised with a delicious smell. Fresh meat, delicious vegetables, and healthy herbs result in a quality that you can smell – and your four-legged friends taste really good.

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