Domestic Pigeons (14 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#4 In the breeding of decorative breeds, graceful appearance, long duration of flight, spectacular tricks that only pigeons can perform are important.

Among the decorative pigeons, there are real giants - up to fifty centimeters tall. These include the Pomeranian bummers - pigeons with a large goiter, which creates a kind of decoration on the neck.


The well-known peacock pigeons, which are so often used at weddings as a symbol of love, purity, and fidelity, got their name from the specific "peacock" tail.

#6 Even the most sophisticated breeders are not averse to adopting Curly Pigeons, which are distinguished by twisted feathers on the wings, due to which the bird looks very graceful and unusual.

No less valuable are the Jacobins, who have a special decoration on the neck. The feathers raised up to form a kind of "collar".

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