Elephant Dung

Manure is a very valuable product. From it and other waste, talented people regularly try to make money and some of them succeed with a huge gain.
So in Prague, there were enterprising businessmen who decided to sell elephant dung. Due to the presence of the absence of these very elephants in this climatic zone, through a large-scale analysis, the desired objects were found in the “Schoenbrunn Zoo”, the Prague zoo. By the way, the elephant is a very productive creature in this regard. He “produces” about 150 kg of manure per day. But the monkey can “give out on-the-mountain” only some 0.5 kg.

Previously, elephant dung was distributed to farmers, who themselves removed it for nothing and used it to fertilize the fields. But the director of the zoo, Miroslav Bobek, decided that it was not quite modern and stopped distributing such valuable raw materials. Now manure is packed in 1.5 kg buckets and sold for $ 4.2. At first, they traded only on weekends, but the process went very briskly and sales were extended for the whole week. So now visiting Prague you can bring a great gift for all your friends and relatives. The elephant copes with its duties. But if its capacity ceases to be enough, then the entire zoo will be connected to the production of souvenirs – to the last mouse and giraffe!

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