Emotional Support Animals: Dogs

From the name, it is easy to guess that this is the name for dogs that provide emotional support to their owners. In the United States, this status gives pets special privileges – for example, when flying. How can a dog get this status and what does it give?

To begin with, there is a special term for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), and this animal is not just a dog. But nevertheless, most often it is dogs and cats that become such pets, and absolutely any – no special training is required for this.


How Can a Dog Get This Status?

For a pet to be recognized as an emotional support animal, the owner must obtain a certificate from a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist, which will detail why the person needs such support. That is, serious reasons are needed. The owner must have a diagnosis that suggests the presence of the animal as a therapy. Dogs usually help their owners cope with depression, panic attacks, or increased anxiety.

A person can have only one emotional support animal. In public places, such animals should appear only with special identification marks – vests.

What Does This Status Give?

Firstly, emotional support dogs have the right to go with their owner even in places where ordinary dogs are not allowed to enter.

Secondly (and this is perhaps the main advantage), such dogs have the right to fly with their owner in the cabin for free, and not like all other animals – in the luggage compartment and for money.

Thirdly, with such dogs, the owners can rent even those apartments in which it is forbidden to live with animals.

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