English Bull Terrier Facts

On the face of the terrible and kind inside bull terriers cause admiration and horror. They are considered one of the cruelest breeds, but few people think that they become so solely due to improper upbringing.

English Bull Terrier puppies

By themselves, Bull Terriers are cute and kind, wonderful family men and nannies. Those who are thinking about purchasing a bull terrier puppy will be interested to know the following about them:

Bull terriers are not called a separate breed of dog, but those who have a certain appearance. So in most countries, the Bull Terrier is a collective term that includes dog breeds with a powerful body and a square head. Cane Corso, Amstaff, Canary and Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog, and others are included in this category.

Half-breeds are more dangerous than purebreds. The real killers who attack adults and children are dogs, in whose veins the blood of a bull terrier and a Rottweiler flows. They are ruthless and almost uncontrollable. At different times, a large number of people became victims of these monsters, attacks were provoked by loud children’s laughter or unusual behavior of adults.

Looking at these strong and powerful dogs, it is difficult to imagine that they are the ones who most often take the turn to the veterinarian. Diseases characteristic of the breed include skin pathologies, kidney problems, and cardiovascular anomalies.

Ammonia as a method of administration. If the bull squeezes something in its jaws, it is simply unrealistic to take it away from it. No matter what the dog is holding – a stick, a toy, or a human leg, it is impossible to open its jaws by hand. The secret of professional breeders is ammonia. It is worth bringing the bottle with the solution to the dog’s nose – it will immediately unhook the teeth.

Popularity for beer. In the late 1980s, bull terriers owe a great deal of demand to a dog named Mackenzie, who starred in a commercial for a popular beer. TV viewers liked him so much that a bull puppy settled in almost every American house.

Responsibility for the dog. In England, those who want to become the owner of such a cute puppy are forced to purchase a special insurance policy. If the pet injures someone, the owner will be required to pay the victim insurance.

Bull Terriers are superheroes. Several dogs, famous for their good deeds, were able to dilute the terrible statistics among the breed. So a police dog named Vila, during his service saved a large number of people and animals.

Recently, there are much more stories telling about the exploits of these dogs than stories that bull terriers have bitten someone. This, of course, cannot but rejoice, because those who are familiar with them closely know that in fact, they are very kind and loyal animals.

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