Eurasier Dog: Personality & Temperament

Self-confident and calm dogs, created in order to become a real human friend, companion.

Eurasier has unique temperament traits, a good disposition, beautiful appearance and is a completely harmless animal, gullible, and very loyal to his family. However, despite the fact that the Eurasier is the ideal companion, it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before acquiring such a dog, you should study the information about the breed, and even better communicate with the owners of these wonderful dogs and with the animals themselves.

Eurasier Dog and Family Members

Eurasier is suitable for families with children, elderly people. The animal treats children wonderfully, considering them to be members of its pack. She will never offend a child and tolerate his restless behavior. Many dog ​​breeds choose only one owner in the family, while the Eurasier is closely related to all family members and treats everyone equally, without choosing one.

Cheerful and good-natured by nature, Eurasiers strive to spend more time with a person, they are ready to just lie side by side day and night, not requiring constant communication, but they experience real joy being involved in the master’s affairs or who have received the attention of one of the family members. The animal does not tolerate separation from loved ones and suffers, being alone. Without interaction, communication with a person begins to get bored and even sad, becomes depressed.

Eurasier Dog and Strangers

It should be noted that the breed is quite young, it is still about 50 years old. Consequently, for such a period, it has not yet been possible to fix the breed characteristics. Puppies are born different in character, with varying degrees of expression of friendliness, aggression, hunting instinct. Therefore, the reaction towards a stranger is ambiguous. Some dogs treat strangers with distrust, do not show aggression, but keep aloof, not allowing them to touch themselves. Others, on the contrary, at first hesitantly sniffing at the stranger and making sure that there is no danger, show interest in him. Some dogs take a week to a month to get used to and start trusting a stranger.

Suspicious and cautious by nature, the Eurasians are not capable of displaying aggression towards a person. They can be good guards, being vigilant and responsible dogs, they always warn the owner about the approach of strangers, but they are not suitable for the role of a watchman and protector. The most a dog can do is bark and growl at the person in danger, keeping his distance from him.

Eurasier has no inclination to bark hysterically. Therefore, living on the street, hearing the approach of strangers, he will warn with a short bark, but there are exceptions. If there is no threat, then the dog quickly calms down.

Eurasier Dog and Other Animals

A distinctive feature of the character of the Eurasier is poise, which, in combination with a poorly developed hunting instinct, makes the dog not aggressive towards other animals. It gets along well with other animals, it rarely happens when two males sort things out with each other, but even in that case, the fight is not long. Eurasians love companionship and they enjoy living with other animals, no matter with dogs or cats. They do not show interest in other small animals and do not behave like hunters, the maximum that can be expected from them is the harmless pursuit of a mouse or a lizard during the game.

Eurasier Dog Obedience

Intelligent dogs, able to learn quickly and eager to please their owners. They are easy to train but partly independent in character Eurasiers can sometimes show some disinterest in what the owner wants from them, they can be distracted by a more interesting activity than training. They do not like to do boring and repetitive actions, which should be taken into account when planning the training process. Teaching should be consistent and calm, with rewards as goodies, without being harsh or harsh.

An important point in upbringing is socialization, which is necessary so that suspicion and distrust of strangers and everything new does not develop into fear and nervousness.

The Eurasier is a dog for those who want a loving, loyal, intelligent, restrained dog in relation to strangers, which will become an integral part of the family.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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