Exotic in the Dog Bowl: Camel Meat for Dogs

The camel or trample is known for its two large humps on its back and is considered the desert animal par excellence. Camel meat is rarely on the table in European cuisine, but lean meat has long been an insider tip among dog owners. We’ll tell you why camel meat is so healthy for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Camel Meat?

Tender, lean and tasty: camel meat is a real delicacy for dogs. Camel is suitable for all dogs, because even puppies, seniors, and digestive-sensitive four-legged friends can tolerate the exotic meat of the ungulate. If you are looking for a varied diet for your dog, or if your dog has digestive problems or allergies, camel meat is a good choice. In addition, most dogs like the meat because it is reminiscent of game and beef in terms of taste and yet has its very own flavor.

Is Camel Meat Healthy For Dogs?

Camel meat has an exceptional protein structure that sets it apart from other types of meat. This peculiarity means that the meat is well tolerated and non-allergenic. In addition, camel muscle meat and heart meat are excellent sources of protein. Dog food with camel meat provides the dog with healthy proteins, but also with numerous vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Camel Meat for Dogs

  • Camel heart and muscle meat are high in protein.
  • Due to the special protein structure, camel is particularly well tolerated by dogs.
  • Camel meat is suitable for an exclusion diet in case of feed allergies.
  • Thanks to its low fat and cholesterol content, camel is suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • Camel contains a lot of iron, which is essential for blood formation.
  • Selenium supports muscle development as well as liver and kidney function.
  • The trace element zinc is important for skin and coat as well as for the immune and nervous systems.

Is Camel Meat Suitable for Barfing?

Raw feeding is especially popular with dogs with intolerance because the selection of the individual ingredients can be used to optimally control which types of meat and vegetables the dog eats.

Camel meat is ideally suited for barfing because even dogs that are sensitive to digestion or dogs with allergies can tolerate the meat.

If you want to give your dog raw camel meat, it is best to choose the protein-rich muscle and heart meat and refine the menu for a wholesome diet with wholesome vegetables or fruits.

How Can You Prepare Camel Meat for the Dog?

Since camels are not native to us, camel meat is usually only available frozen. For raw feeding, thaw the meat and serve it to your dog freshly portioned. Another option is to use ready-made dog foods that contain camel meat. Some manufacturers rely on low-allergen feeds made from camel, buffalo, or other exotic, well-tolerated types of meat. Since it is lean and low in fat, the meat is also suitable as a healthy snack for overweight dogs or four-legged friends with high cholesterol levels. Chewing products made from camel meat, camel skin or camel innards are a healthy reward for in-between meals.

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