Fearless and Cheeky: Obelix’s Dog

What is the name of Obelix’s dog in the Asterix comics? This question comes up a lot in crossword puzzles. Obelix asked for the dog name of Obelix’s fur nose, which has 6 letters. Often, for example, Obelix’s dog is asked in the Codycross app.

Asterix and Obelix Dog

Idefix is Obelix’s dog. Obelix’s dog appears in the French Asterix comics. Idefix does not have a specific breed.

The Dog From Asterix and Obelix in the Comic

What is the name of Obelix’s four-legged friend? Obelix’s fur nose is called Idefix and is a small, black and white dog – by the way, the only four-legged friend that plays a major role in the series. The four-legged friend has long ears, a short tail, a stubby tail, and long, white fur. With his whiskers, he reminds the fans of the cult Gauls of his friend Asterix.

Idefix cannot be assigned to a specific breed of dog, which is why you can call it a mixed breed.

However, it has the appearance of a terrier.

Little Idefix, despite its small size, is a brave pooch and loves to chew on a bone. Idefix is also the only main character in the series who wasn’t there from the start. It appears for the first time in the (French) fifth volume, called Tour de France. Idefix’s love of trees is also particularly exciting. He seems to really sympathize with the plants if they are injured or accidentally uprooted by Obelix and starts a howling howl.

Put on Your Reading Glasses and Enjoy Cult Comics

In addition to questions about Obelix’s four-legged friend, other questions about the comic about the Gauls arise in crossword puzzles. Once you’ve read the booklets, the puzzles shouldn’t be a problem for you. So put on your reading glasses and you’re good to go. Have fun with the adventures of Idefix and his two-legged friends!

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