French Bulldog: Care Tips

Caring for a French Bulldog has features that need to be considered. French Bulldogs are not too difficult to care for, however, they still require some attention.

It is necessary to constantly look after the crease on the face. It builds up moisture and dirt, which can lead to infection. Gently wipe the crease with a cotton pad and lubricate to prevent diaper rash.

The hair is brushed daily.

The bulldog should be bathed no more than once a month. Bathing too often can cause excessive dryness, itching, and dandruff.
Grooming your French Bulldog’s paws includes trimming the nails and checking the pads for cracks.
Cleaning your ears is also an important procedure. Ears should always be clean. If you notice any suspicious discharge, redness, swelling, or a bad odor, it is best to seek immediate veterinary help.
Rub the French Bulldog’s eyes regularly. Monitor their condition.
French Bulldogs love to eat, so their diet should be monitored.
French Bulldog care includes properly organized walking. These dogs need regular short walks and the ability to run off a leash. With insufficient loads, representatives of the breed are prone to obesity.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the nose and skull, French Bulldogs may experience breathing problems, especially during excessive excitement or at high ambient temperatures. Therefore, try not to walk your bulldog in very hot weather.

Because of their short coat, French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather. However, you can safely walk with them in the cold, giving you more room to move. You can also use special overalls.
You must avoid drafts.
Keeping the French Bulldog in enclosures is excluded.

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