German Shepherd Care

Caring for a German Shepherd is not too cumbersome, but it has its own peculiarities.

An important part of caring for your German Shepherd is full walking. German Shepherds need long, energetic walks, the ability to run off a leash. Consider this before adopting a puppy.

If you get caught in the rain while walking, you can wipe the dog dry with a towel. Drying with a hairdryer is completely optional.

It is recommended to brush the wool daily. This is an essential part of grooming your German Shepherd to keep it looking good.

German Shepherds are rarely washed – only in case of contamination, with dog shampoo. Wipe dry after washing. If you bathe your dog frequently, the coat may become dull.

The place for the dog should be in the most secluded place of the house, away from batteries and drafts. A thick rug is placed on the floor, which is easy to clean. You can use a cage or box as a “house”.
Grooming a German Shepherd includes regular hygiene procedures. If necessary, trim the German Shepherd’s claws, examine the eyes and ears, and brush the teeth.

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