German Shepherd: Height & Weight

It is very difficult not to recognize the representative of the German Shepherd breed. This breed is so widespread that they know how these unusually smart and hardy dogs look in almost every “corner” of the earth.

German Shepherd Dog: Appearance

German Shepherds are medium in size, but very muscular and beautifully built. Males are slightly larger than females. The main condition for an excellent assessment at the exhibition is the harmony of addition. Height and weight should be proportionate.

GSD: Maximum Height

According to the approved standard, which was formed at the end of the 18th century, the maximum height in a male German Shepherd is 60 – 65 cm. In a female, the height at the withers may be slightly less, about 55 – 60 cm.

German Shepherd: Weight

The weight category of the dog depends on the conditions of its maintenance and nutrition. On average, males have 30 – 40 kg. Females – 22 – 32 kg. At the same time, it is important that the pet looks harmonious, the body is not too thin or elongated.

GSD: Coat Colors

The most common is basic black with reddish-brown or brown markings on the neck, chest, paws, and abdomen. Less common are gray and completely black colors.

German Shepherd Dog: Hair

Hair in adults is rather stiff and moderately elongated. There are 2 varieties of the breed:

  • short-haired;
  • long-haired.

In both cases, the dogs have a double coat with a thick undercoat. The guard hair is very coarse and rather thick.

Ears, tail

The ears of the animal are erect, look clearly forward, without creases and dents, the cartilage is strong, elastic. The tail is fluffy, with long hair at the tip, rather long. In a calm state, the tail is lowered.

German Shepherd Puppy: Appearance

German Shepherd puppies look very attractive. They are not born too large, the color at birth may even be completely black. Subsequently, he is able to change greatly. When choosing a puppy, it is imperative to study the pedigree of the parents in order to exclude the possibility of developing genetic diseases, as well as inspect the place where the puppies and their mothers are kept. The place should be clean and well-groomed, and a pleasant smell should come from the kids.

GSD Puppy: Height

The height of the puppies at the withers may vary. It depends on the number of babies in the litter, the characteristics of feeding and maintenance.

GSD Puppy: Weight

The weight category of small German Shepherds also depends on the conditions of feeding and keeping. Puppies should be moderately well-fed, but not overfed. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to their activity and the desire to make contact with a potential owner.

GSD Puppy: Coat Color

The color of the puppy may change somewhat later, so the puppy may have different colors from the adult pet immediately after birth. However, in a month and a half, when a puppy is put up for sale, he should already have the makings of an adult dog.

The coat of a small animal should not be long, there is no curl. If there are long or curled hairs, this can subsequently lead to rejection at exhibitions.

GSD Puppy: Ears, Tail

A small pet’s ears should set in between 1 and 4 months. Therefore, it is likely that the chosen baby will still have absurdly large, hanging ears, or only one of them will stand. The tail is long enough, well pubescent, drooping down.

Dogs of the German Shepherd breed are distinguished by their poise, the desire for activity, and the impeccable performance of the functions imposed on them. This is a great choice for active people who are not afraid to devote a lot of time to their pet and participate in various games and training with it. Pets learn new lessons well and do basic commands well.

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