Gray Great Dane Dog Breed Information

The progenitors of modern Great Danes actively participated in combat battles and performed together with gladiators in the arena. These dogs possessed unsurpassed anger. And thanks to the large size, the battles were spectacular and exciting. Today’s representatives of the breed are very different from their ancient relatives. They have changed little in appearance, are still one of the largest dogs in the world, and are wary of strangers, protecting their home. But at the same time, Great Danes are very friendly to their family and behave affectionately, like cats.

Gray Great Danes: All You Need to Know

The palette of shades of the Great Dane coat is very diverse. Gray hair can be present in animals of several colors. For example, such a color as gray marble is distinguished. Also included in the standard description of the breed, the blue shade of the coat can also be called gray. Since an unusual shade appears only from a certain angle.

Gray Great Dane: Coat Color

The color “gray marble” is not distinguished into a separate group. Such dogs are considered a marriage of breed and do not participate in exhibitions. Although such pets have gained considerable fame, and some breeders breed exclusively Great Danes with this coat color.

Pets are very similar to “harlequin” Great Danes, but in this case, large black spots with uneven edges are located not on a white, but on a gray background. The coat, like that of its relatives, is short, devoid of an undercoat.

Important! Gray marble may have small white blotches on the legs and chest of the animal.

The blue color, on the other hand, is included in the register of standard colors. In a normal situation, the animal looks light gray. The color of the coat is deep, rather unusual. Under certain angles and lighting, the coat gives off a shade of blue. That is why such dogs were characterized by this unusual color.

Grey Great Dane Temperament: Puppy & Adult Dog

The color of the coat of the Great Dane does not affect its temperament in any way. Today they are very affectionate and calm animals that do not show aggression just like that. They behave with royal dignity in society, looking from the height of their height at those around them with condescension and nobility.

At home, they are almost invisible. They can curl up into a ball and sleep while the owner is somewhere nearby. They love active games and walks, but will not insist if the owner of the dog is out of sorts or cannot afford a run.

Great Danes: Other Coat Colors

Great Danes are distinguished by a wide variety of coat colors. Although the description of the breed standard includes only 5 groups of animals that differ in color.

Among them:

brindle (gray and black stripes on a red background);

marbled (black spots with uneven edges on the white background of the coat);

fawn (classic Great Danes, red hair of various shades);

black (coal-black or with small white spots scattered over the chest and lower legs of the pet);

blue (animals with light gray hair, giving an unusual shade from a certain angle).

Among non-standard pets, completely white, chocolate or gray marble pets occupy a special place. They look quite unusual and always attract the eyes of others. That is why many breeders develop such colors on purpose, knowing the increased demand for them.

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