Hawk Moths: Giants Among Butterflies (19 Pics)

#16 Caterpillars turn into pupae, which hide in the ground.

After 2-3 weeks, a butterfly appears from the pupa. After the wings are dry and spread, the hawk moth takes off and goes in search of a partner for procreation.

#17 Adult butterflies are pollinators of flowering plants.

For example, the Madagascar orchid is pollinated only by Morgan's Hawk Moth. The long proboscis allows this butterfly to reach the nectar located in the flower at a depth of 30 cm.

The moth caterpillars that eat the foliage of cultivated plants are pests of agriculture and forestry. Most do little damage and the plants recover quickly and easily.

But some species are capable of destroying large areas of crops. These include the tobacco hawk. Its caterpillars eat the leaves of tomatoes, peppers, tobacco, and eggplants, thereby greatly reducing the yield of these crops.

The parasite wasp Cotesia Congregaga, which lays eggs in the caterpillar's body, helps to fight them.


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