Hedgehog (20 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#4 The spines of the hedgehog are hollow, with thin, sparse, barely noticeable hairs growing between them. The head and belly of the animal are covered with normal fur.

On average, each hedgehog carries up to 10 thousand needles, which are gradually renewed.

The color of the needles of most species is dark, with intermittent light stripes. The color of the hedgehog's coat, depending on the species, can be black-brown, brown, sandy, or white. In some places, the black color displaces the white, forming a kind of specks.

Most types of hedgehogs are distinguished by well-developed subcutaneous muscles. In times of danger, the hedgehog curls up into a ball, and in this, it is helped by the subcutaneous muscles located in the places where the thorns grow.

#5 Like most nocturnal animals, the vision of hedgehogs is weak, but hearing and smell are perfectly developed.

It is difficult to call these animals fast, the average speed of a running hedgehog is 3-4 km / h. Despite the fact that the hedgehog is a land animal, most species swim and climb perfectly.

#6 Hedgehog lifespan

The life span of a hedgehog in nature is 3-5 years. At home, hedgehogs live up to 8-10 years, since they do not die from natural enemies that hunt hedgehogs in the wild. The main enemies of hedgehogs are wolves, foxes, ferrets, owls, badgers, martens, mongooses, hyenas, jackals, honey badgers, eagles, and other predators.

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