Hedgehog (20 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#7 Where do hedgehogs live?

The habitat of hedgehogs is quite wide: this thorny animal is found in all European countries - from the southern regions of Scandinavia to the British Isles, the hedgehog lives in hot Africa, Asia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

In nature, wild hedgehogs live in forests, deserts, steppes, cultivated landscapes, and even cities. They dig burrows for themselves under the roots of trees or in bushes, and also settle in abandoned holes of rodents.

#8 How do hedgehogs live in nature?

By nature, hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and loners, leading a secretive lifestyle. During the day, hedgehogs sleep, hiding in self-dug holes up to 1 meter long or occupying the empty dwellings of rodents. The populations of the foothill regions are used as shelters of crevices between rocks and voids under stones. At night, wild hedgehogs go hunting, preferring not to go far from home. Unfortunately, statistics show that quite a few hedgehogs die under the wheels of cars while trying to cross freeways at night.

#9 What do hedgehogs eat in nature?

The hedgehog is omnivorous, but the basis of the diet is made up of adult insects, earwigs, beetles, spiders, ground beetles, caterpillars, slugs, woodlice, earthworms. Hedgehogs also love to eat toads, locusts, bird eggs, crustaceans, and invertebrates. Northern forest urchin populations feed on lizards, frogs, mice, and other small rodents.

All species of the hedgehog family are resistant to any, even the most toxic poisons, so hedgehogs eat poisonous snakes and scorpions. The hedgehog will not disdain carrion, as well as food waste, which can be found in summer cottages. The plant food of the forest urchin is mushrooms, moss, acorns, cereal seeds, and any sweet berries - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

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