Hedgehog (20 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#10 Over the summer, the hedgehog must feed well, otherwise the animal may die during hibernation.

A substantial supply of fat allows hedgehogs to stay in a state of suspended animation from October to April.

#11 Reproduction of hedgehogs

At the end of hibernation, when the air warms up to 18-20 degrees, the mating season begins for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs reach sexual maturity by 10-12 months. Northern populations reproduce once a year, southern ones give birth twice.

#12 Female hedgehogs build nests in their burrows, lining the bottom of the hole with dry leaves and grass.

Males often fight for the female, arranging carnage with puffing and snorting, bite each other on the face and legs, and prick each other with sharp needles. Then the winner circles around the female for a long time, which thoroughly smoothes its needles before mating. Hedgehogs are polygamous animals and after mating they immediately part.

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