This creature is distributed throughout the world. That is, wherever you are now, she is there. Its larvae sit patiently in the ground and wait to be stepped on with bare feet. As soon as this happens, microscopic hookworms are introduced into the victim through the pores, crawl into the blood vessels, from there into the lungs and oral cavity.

And, finally, the long way home is over – along with the swallowed food, the larvae reach the gastrointestinal tract. Here, in the small intestine, parasites ripen, grow long teeth, and cling to blood vessels – to drink warm and tasty blood. From now on, their existence is cloudless: they are warm, comfortable, the food itself pours into a wide-open mouth, no hassle with the offspring – the eggs laid go into independent life along with the digestive waste. A person with hookworm can guess this by the following signs:
– he has anemia;
– I want to eat all sorts of rubbish. For example, chalk, clay, and this wonderful juicy piece of drywall, please!
– he is tired all the time and wants to sleep all the time.
The tests passed on time and the correctly carried out treatment will not leave any chance for the hookworm.

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