How Do Cats See the World

Many of us were interested in the question of how cats see this world, what kind of vision they have. It turns out that cats see almost everything that we do, and even more. Cats have binocular vision and are able to perceive the world in three dimensions. Their field of view is estimated to be around 200 degrees, compared to 180 in humans. Like most predators, a cat’s eyes look forward, therefore, due to a wider field of view, it sees everything around it better.

Cats are a little myopic. But on the other hand, they can see nearby objects in the smallest detail. Cats usually do not pay attention to anything that is more than a few hundred meters. Cats are best at distinguishing between blue and green, but with red, orange, and brown they have problems, and they perceive them as shades of gray or purple.

Artist Nikolai Lamm showed us the world as cats see it.

He consulted with specialists from the Animal Vision Clinic, Dr. Howsler of the Animal Eye Institute, and leading ophthalmologists before publishing these photos. Now we have a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a cat.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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