How Long Do Boxers Live?

Boxer dogs do not have a high life expectancy. It’s all about the genetics and characteristics of the breed in terms of health. A large list of pathologies often and thickly makes itself felt and the dog simply fades quickly.


How Many Years Do Boxer Dogs Live?

If the average dog will delight the owner with his presence for 13-15 years, then for boxers this figure is limited to 10-11 years. Why is this and can the life of a pet be prolonged?

What you need to do to extend the life of your shorthaired friend:

Regular veterinary examination, control. Dogs with such a “track record” of diseases should be constantly monitored by a specialist. Then there is a chance at an early date to determine the disease, and quickly take measures to eliminate the disease.

Antiparasitic treatment. Regular treatment against fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites significantly reduces the chance of catching such “nasty”.

Weight control. It is important here not to overfeed and balance the boxer’s diet as prescribed for the breed. Weigh your dog regularly.

Physical activity of a systematic nature. By giving your dog a constant load, you not only educate the animal but also train its muscular and cardiovascular system. This makes the dog hardy and energetic, able to stay in good shape longer.

Intellectual load is also important for a boxer so that the brain does not float.

Emotional support, contact, close connection with the owner. Boxers are very loving and devoted, do not miss the chance to caress your friend, pay attention to him, play.

Boxer Dogs: Health Issues

Of course, the veterinarian is aware of the peculiarities of the breed’s diseases and regular visits to the clinic for an examination give great chances for quick identification of the problem. But the owner must also be aware of and keep an eye on the condition of the pet.

Boxers’ immunity itself is weak, so dogs are very allergic and instantly react to changes in diet, climate, and mood.

Due to weak immunity, boxers are susceptible to a parasitic skin disease – demodicosis.
A thorough and regular examination of the skin will help you quickly find out the cause of the dog’s discomfort.

Obesity is a fairly common problem for the breed. Excess weight leads to dysplasia, which, in turn, leads to arthritis.

Thyroid problems are also not new to boxers. Balding, dandruff, rash are the main external signs.

Heart disease is not just one of the main problems of the breed, it is transmitted genetically. If one of the puppy’s parents in the family had heart problems (even if the parents themselves are healthy), it is very likely that the new generation will receive such an “inheritance”.

Of course, this is not the whole list of possible problems, it is best to show the puppy that you have taken or want to take to the vet and get instructions directly from the specialist after the examination.

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