How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?

It has been proven that the smaller a dog is in size, the longer it lives. This is explained by the fact that the aging process in small organisms is much slower than in heavy dogs. So, Chihuahuas just belong to the category of miniature breeds.


How Many Years Chihuahuas Live at Home?

On average, these wonderful four-legged human friends live from 15 to 18 years. However, the world knows cases when representatives of this breed lived to be 20 years old. It is noteworthy that females live 1-3 years longer than males.

Important! Such a miniature dog will not be able to survive in street conditions. Therefore, we are talking only about those individuals that are kept in-home care and comfort.

Want to know the age of the Chihuahua? Look at his teeth. The dumber the dog’s canines and incisors, the older he is. Also, the fact that the age of the pet is quite respectful will be told by the gray hair visible in the fur. An elderly pet is no longer as active as a puppy. He may eat poorly, sleep constantly, and have certain health problems.

What Can Provoke Premature Death?

Not all animals manage to live to old age. Diseases can significantly shorten their stay on earth. Chihuahuas can suffer from:

heart problems;



dental problems;

eye pathologies;


And also quite often representatives of this breed become victims of people’s carelessness. Any careless movement can be fatal for a miniature pet. Even the slightest injury can take a Chihuahua’s life.

Another factor that has a negative impact on the lifespan of this breed is the lack of training and education. A dog that does not obey its owner can easily get hit by a car, pick up poisoned food from the ground.

Important! Some owners who ignore routine vaccination initially doom their pet to a painful death from diseases of viral and infectious origin.

Chihuahua Life Extension Ways

Even long-livers like Mexican Chihuahuas cannot live a long life without certain conditions. So, for them it is extremely important:

Correct diet. You need to feed these dogs only with certain food. Super-premium products with the “mini” mark are suitable for them.

Walking. Chihuahuas should be on the street as often as other domestic dogs. However, it is important to remember that heat and cold are extremely difficult for these crumbs to endure.

Veterinary supervision. Even if the dog is not worried about anything, you should not ignore the planned visits to the veterinarian. With their help, it is possible to identify diseases in the early stages of their development.

Care and hygiene. Representatives of this breed are very demanding in terms of hygiene. It is impossible to ignore the condition of their ears, eyes, hair, and teeth.

In general, people who acquire puppies of this breed know what they are doing. Chihuahuas will be able to live next to them for a long time, but in return, they will demand an appropriate attitude towards themselves.

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