How Long Do Corgis Live?

Corgis are long-lived dogs and, with proper care, can delight their owner for 15 years. However, for the healthy and long-term existence of the breed, there are a number of conditions that will help the pet stay healthy longer.

What determines the Life Span of a Corgi?

The main factor is a healthy and happy family atmosphere. Otherwise, the dog will begin to worry, become sad and quickly wither away. The vigor of health gives the corgi exactly pep, peace of mind. It sounds a little unusual, but dogs of this breed can have precisely somatic diseases associated with their emotional state, stress.

The second is the pet’s nutrition, diet, and physical activity. Proper nutrition is as important for a corgi as it is for a human. In addition, the breed is prone to obesity, so both factors must be present in a single bundle.

Corgi: Diseases

Common diseases of the Welsh Corgi are also dangerous for life expectancy. These include:

Obesity. Metabolic disorders usually occur due to improper diet or diet, as well as poor physical activity;

Features of the structure of the spine. In the Corgi, the spine has more vertebrae than it should be in proportion. Due to the elongated spine, corgi often suffers from pinching of discs, nerves, and blood vessels. All this can be easily avoided by mobility, exercise, and regular supervision by a specialist;

Puppy birth. Corgis have a hard time giving birth, half of the women in a labor of this breed cope only with the help of a cesarean section. The process of mating and puppy birth in corgi is very specific and should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist;

The eyes are the weak point of the breed. Losing sight, the corgi begins to fall into depression, which leads to the death of the animal not so much from physical reasons as from somatic ones.

If the family in which the corgi lives is happy, vigorous, and energetic, then the pet will be just as happy, energetic, and healthy!

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