How Long Do Dachshunds Live?

In 2009, a dachshund named Chanel was recognized as the oldest living dog in the world. Her record was even entered in the Guinness Book. At the time when Chanel passed away, she was 21 years old. A few years later, a representative of the same breed named Otto was able to take the honorary title. But can all dachshunds boast such a long lifespan?

How Long Do Dachshunds Live on Average?

Dachshunds, which are classified as small breeds, live much longer than large dogs. Their life expectancy ranges from 12 to 14 years. In many ways, these periods are influenced by heredity, the psychological state of the animal, and the conditions in which it is kept.

Important! There are several ways to determine the age of a pet. If gray hair is visible on the face, the dog is more than seven years old. Dental problems begin at the age of 8-9. The coat begins to lose its attractive appearance after the pet turns 6 years old.

What Affects the Life Span of a Dachshund

The following reasons can lead to the premature death of the dog:

Diseases. Representatives of this breed are often faced with eye pathologies, epilepsy, sliding disc syndrome, chest deformities.

Emotional condition. Dogs that are disliked and treated with aggression live much shorter lives. Dachshunds are very emotional and receptive. Constant stress affects them extremely negatively.

Injuries. Every potential owner of a representative of this breed should know that the pet is very susceptible to various kinds of injuries – this is due to its unusual physique. Both puppies and adults should never be allowed to jump from a height.

Accidents. Like any other dog, dachshunds can get into accidents through their own fault or due to the careless attitude of the owner. A pet can get hit by a car, fall out of a window, fight with another dog, or eat poisoned food. You can avoid this if you give your pet maximum attention.

Recommendations for Owners

In order for the dachshund to remain healthy and happy as long as possible, it must be ensured:

Proper nutrition. All dachshunds are famous gluttons and extra pounds are not at all uncommon for them. If the owner decided to feed the pet with natural food, then the diet should be as appropriate and useful as possible. Dry food is also suitable for these dogs. The main thing is that it is of high quality and always fresh.

Proper care. A dachshund, in order for it to be healthy, needs solid bedding, regular combing, and high-quality grooming. It is necessary to regularly rinse the dog’s eyes, clean the ears and trim the nails. Extra care should be taken for older dachshunds. They must be protected from drafts and colds. On the street in winter, the pet should be taken out in warm overalls.

Physical exercise. Hunting breeds require regular training and exercise, and dachshunds are no exception. Even older dogs need minimal stress, young ones need to be loaded to the fullest. However, don’t be too zealous. Overwork is just as detrimental to the health of dachshunds as complete inactivity.

Do not forget about medical supervision. Even if the dog is outwardly healthy, it still needs to be regularly seen by the veterinarian. Do not forget about vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments.

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