How Long Do Goldendoodles Live?

The Goldendoodle breed is family-oriented, with a strong relationship with humans. Dogs are attached to all members of their “pack” – both to humans and to other pets. The dog always seeks to please the owner. Mostly he is quiet and calm, but in communication, he can be playful, active.

He likes to run, frolic, he needs to be engaged, to do exercises with loads. Another distinctive feature of the dog is its cute shyness and reaction to injustice. The dog may be offended, only for a short while. A good-natured disposition instantly pushes to forgive everyone. And his patience has no limits, he is not capable of aggression.


How Long Do Mini Goldendoodles Live?

Most of these good-natured intellectuals are of medium size, somewhere in between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. But there is also a small specimen, no more than 3 kg in weight, obtained from crossing with a miniature poodle.

This option is called a mini Goldendoodle. It is in no way inferior to larger specimens, only it has one advantage – it takes up much less space in the apartment and requires fewer costs. Their degree of benevolence, love, and energy is absolutely identical.

Interesting! Hybridity always adds at least a year of life. If a “thoroughbred” lives for 10 years, a mestizo lives at least 11-12.

How to Increase Goldendoodle’s Lifespan?

Dogs should not adhere to a special diet. It is important to be careful not to transmit them, however, hunger is not good for pets either. The choice of food option is up to the owner. It is usually advised to stick with one type – either ready-made meals or homemade food.

Commercial food for fluffy dogs is already balanced with the necessary vitamins and minerals. When choosing a natural food, you should consult with a specialist about the necessary supplements. An adult Goldendoodle absorbs about 450 g of food per day, which must be divided into 2 meals.

It can be cereals in broths, milk, as well as dairy products. Lean meat, boiled and fresh seasonal vegetables, unsweetened fruits, a couple of eggs a week – this is a simple basis of the diet.

Remember to introduce each new product gradually after testing for allergies. And food from your table is strongly discouraged. Sweet, spicy, fatty chunks can cause irreparable harm to health – from indigestion to more serious diseases.

The conditions of keeping a pet do not matter. He feels quite comfortable both in an apartment and in a private house. The main thing is the company. However, given its activity, cramped living conditions are undesirable – otherwise, you will face damaged furniture, striped wallpaper, and lost personal belongings.

Therefore, it is important to walk with him for an hour twice a day, involving him in different games in the fresh air. You need to deal with a puppy from an early age. From an early age, he should feel himself in the family, in the zone of attention and control. The correct organization of his training will bring amazing results.

In general, for the upbringing of such pets, a lot is decided by the amount of time spent on them. If he constantly communicates with you, perceives your speech as an important and necessary signal, then he will not have to repeat it twice, this dog is capable of much.

A big plus of this breed – despite the fluffy coat, it does not have an undercoat. Therefore, dogs practically do not shed and do not cause allergies. But you need to comb it out regularly. This prevents tangles and gives a well-groomed appearance. Bathing too often is not necessary, although the dog is not afraid of water.

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