How Long Do Poodles Live?

A Poodle is that dog that can “meet” its owner from the maternity hospital and “take” him to the school prom. However, a pet can become a long-liver only with good maintenance and proper care.

How Long Does a (Standard, Mini, Dwarf, Toy) Poodle Live?

Dogs of this breed do not live in the wild. Even if we remember that in the past, representatives of this breed were used by their owners for hunting, today they have completely lost these skills. Without care and attention from a person, even a healthy royal poodle will not be able to fully exist. What can we say about decorative babies?

The average life expectancy of representatives of this breed is 15 years. In most cases, the period depends on the height of a particular dog, its genetic characteristics of development, and conditions of detention.

Life Expectancy Depending on the Height

The breed has 4 main growth varieties, each of which has its own lifespan. So, in larger individuals, diseases of the musculoskeletal system develop more often, while the small poodle can develop hypothyroidism or epilepsy.

Interesting! The royal poodle is considered one of the longest living representatives of large breeds.

The average lifespan of a poodle is:

12-15 years old for a royal;

17-18 for medium (small);

12-15 years old for a dwarf;

17-18 years old for a toy poodle.

Interesting! The long-liver, caught in the book of records, was a dwarf poodle named Snoppy, who lived for 20 years.

What Determines the Life of a (Standard, Mini, Dwarf, Toy) Poodle

As with any other animal, an accident can happen to a poodle, which will significantly shorten the life span, or even interrupt it together. Miniature representatives of the breed often face injuries that turn out to be incompatible with life. Also, a dog that no one looks after while walking can get hit by a car, eat poison and fight with its own kind.

In addition to these factors, diseases, both congenital and acquired, affect the life of a poodle. Although these dogs are in good health, some of them can get sick:

diabetes mellitus;




Important! In addition, these pets often suffer from allergies, retinal atrophy, and obesity caused by poor nutrition.

Representatives of the largest growth variety become victims of joint dysplasia, pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, hemolytic anemia, and congenital deafness. Medium-sized (small) dogs are prone to baldness, eye disease, hypothyroidism, lymphadenitis, and volvulus. “Dwarfs” and “Toys” suffer from deformation of the vertebral discs, cataracts, and glaucoma, insulinoma, von Willebrand disease.

Prolonging the life of a pet like a poodle is not difficult. The main thing is not to forget that he needs high-quality nutrition, regular walks in the fresh air combined with physical activity. Do not neglect regular veterinary visits, vaccinations, and antiparasitic measures. In addition, an animal that feels loved always lives much longer. Without the attention and affection of the owner, no dog can be healthy and happy.

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