How Long Do Shar Peis Live?

Shar Peis are those dogs that I cannot go unnoticed. They are among the top most popular breeds. If you want to become the owner of such an interesting pet, then first of all find out about the duration of its life and what it depends on.

How Long Do Shar Pei Dogs Live?

Despite the fact that the history of their origin goes back to antiquity, modern Shar-Peis do not live so long. A rare individual can cross the threshold of a decade. The factors that determine these terms include heredity and conditions of detention. It is to them that you need to pay as much attention as possible.

Important! On average, representatives of the breed live from 8 to 10 years. With good conditions, the figure can go up to 15.

If we talk about heredity, then genetic problems are usually not considered by the appearance of the puppy. Therefore, before buying, you need to carefully choose and inspect the nursery, parents and their documents, and the baby himself. As for the conditions of detention, it is worth remembering that Shar Peis are not created for keeping on the street. He needs good quality food, he will not be able to eat regular food. It is best that the food is hypoallergenic. In addition, the skin and coat need special care.

Interesting! The age of a dog can be determined by the condition of the eyes, teeth, and coat. With age, the canines and incisors are worn down, the coat dulls and partially falls out. The eyes become cloudy and dull.

You cannot do without careful veterinary supervision. Preventive examinations should be carried out strictly on schedule. The symptoms of obvious diseases cannot be ignored either. Shar Peis often suffer from dermatological pathologies, are prone to the development of cancerous tumors.

Regular and high-quality care will help prolong the life of your pet. It is important to understand that a healthy Shar Peis will be only on the condition that he lives in warmth, comfort, satiety (healthy), love, and care of the owner.

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