How Many Fingers Does a Koala Have?

A koala’s fingerprint is similar to a human’s fingerprint. Koalas have five toes on each paw.

The paws of the koala are powerful, mobile. The animal’s fingers end in very long, sharp claws. It is they who help the animal climb any trees, hang on them and not fall.

Koala front paw

Koala is a small animal that looks like a small bear cub. Many will be interested to know what this amazing animal is because even in zoos you can hardly meet it – it is so unique.

Koala front paw & hind paw

Every person who has seen a koala in the photo at least once will never confuse it with anyone else. And indeed: this animal looks very unusual!

Koala on the tree

Koala looks like a small bear. She has the same dense, slightly rounded body. The weight of the animal can reach 14-15 kilograms, like a medium-sized dog. The main distinguishing feature of koalas can be called gray fur covering their entire torso, as well as large round ears and a black nose. If you look closely, you can see a white fur collar on the animal’s neck.

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