How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost?

Sometimes future dog owners are surprised by the price of German Shepherd puppies – from $100 to $1,500 USD. But if you take it apart into its components, then such a cost will be fully justified: the cost of mating parent dogs, paying fees to a dog club, extending breeding certificates, keeping a mother dog and her offspring, veterinary services, and much more.

How Much is a Purebred German Shepherd Puppy Price?

Name: German Shepherd
Other names: Alsatian, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, GSD, Schäferhund
Country of origin: Germany
Size Type: Large Breed Dogs
Group: Herding dog breeds
Life span: 9 – 13 years
Temperament: Gentle, Intelligent, Well-Tempered, Kind, Outgoing, Agile
Height: Males: 60-65 cm; Females: 55-60 cm
Weight: Males: 22-40 kg; Females: 22-40 kg
Color: More often tan with black saddle
Price of puppies: $500-$1,500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

German Shepherd

The first impression of a German Shepherd is that it is a strong, agile, muscular, agile, and energetic dog. She is harmoniously built, with correct fore and hind legs. The body is more elongated than the slender; powerful chest, with smooth lines. Her body looks strong and muscular in movement and instance. There is not even a hint of clumsiness or weakness in it. The ideal German shepherd leaves the impression of a noble dog, which is difficult to put into words, but at a glance, it can be unmistakably determined. Gender characteristics are clearly expressed: males look masculine, and females are full of femininity.

In general, the body of the shepherd dog leaves the impression of strong and dense, but not rough. The chest, starting from the sternum, passes between the limbs. It is voluminous, long, and deep, providing ample room for the heart and lungs. When viewed in profile, the sternum protrudes noticeably in front of the shoulder. Ribs firm and long, not barrel-shaped, but not too flat, reaching down to the elbows. The correct placement of the ribs allows the dog to move the elbows back freely while trotting. Excessively round ribs lead to outward turning of the elbows. Ribs that are overly flat or short will cause the elbows to come together. The ribs slope far back towards the short loin. The abdomen is moderately tucked up, not drooping.
The bottom line descends smoothly towards the back. The loin is broad and strong when viewed from above. When viewed from the side, the distance between the last rib and the thigh should not be too great. The croup is long, moderately sloping. The tail is “fox”, the lower vertebrae of which reaches at least the hock. Continuing the croup, the tail is set neither too high nor too low. At rest, the tail hangs down with a slight bend – in the form of a saber. A small hook – sometimes bent to the side – can be considered a disadvantage only to the extent that it spoils the general appearance of the dog.

White German Shepherd puppy

How Much Do White German Shepherds Cost?

The breed is characterized by fearless, but not hostile behavior, self-confidence, and a certain aloofness, which does not give the German Shepherd the opportunity to immediately make friends with any person. The dog should be calm, able to trust and accept affection, but not show it first. When circumstances call for it, she is very active and hardy; works willingly, and is an excellent companion, watchman, guide, herding dog, or guard. She should not be timid, hide behind the owner or trainer, be nervous, anxiously look around, and tuck her tail at unfamiliar sounds or impressions. Lack of self-confidence is atypical for this breed. The aforementioned defects of character, which indicate the timidity of the animal, should be severely punished as a vice and a dog with these pronounced symptoms should not be allowed to show. The judge should be able to examine the dog’s teeth and check in the dog that both egg-shaped glands have descended into the scrotum. If the dog tries to bite the judge, it is disqualified. A balanced temperament for a working dog is just as important as a strong back and correct movement in this breed, which is designed for serious and hard work.

Thanks to its calm nature, obedience, and sense of alertness, the German Shepherd has established itself as a police dog. In the world, they are also recognized as the best working dogs.

GSD Price: How Much Does a German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

German Shepherd puppy

Up to $100 USD

The most economical option is an undocumented puppy. A kid can be 100% like a German shepherd puppy, but without a pedigree passport, he is just a mongrel. The seller does not guarantee whether the breed will remain similar in adulthood. As a rule, undocumented German Shepherds are mestizo.

$200 – $500 USD

As practice shows, puppies costing both $ 200 and $ 500 often do not differ from each other either in external data or in internal qualities. The following influences the price:

Place of sale;

Nursery. The more popular a breeder is, the more expensive his pets are;

Parents. The cost of a thoroughbred animal is largely determined by the breeding characteristics of its father and mother;

Mating. If the event was local, then this will be reflected in a decrease in cost. If the mother dog was taken to another city or even another country for mating, it is natural that the breeder will decide to justify the costs by raising the price of the puppies;

A number of puppies in a litter. Professionals believe the fewer puppies in a litter, the higher their quality. Which, of course, is reflected in the price;

Prospects of the puppy itself. Animals for home keeping, breeding, and exhibitions vary greatly in cost;

The age of the animal. The older the puppy, the higher the price for it, which is associated with two factors. The first is that more funds have been invested in feeding, caring for, vaccination, and treatment of animal parasites. The second – the acquisition of a grown-up puppy gives more guarantees for his brilliant future. It is already clear that the dog has a full set of real teeth, correct bite, erect ears.

$ 600 – $ 700 USD

Puppies of the third category are children of show parents, valuable representatives of the breed.

Black German Shepherd puppy

From $1000 USD

As a rule, the most expensive puppies are offspring from field mating. The mother is a representative of the domestic kennel, the father is a male of the World Selective Class of German, French, Italian origin. The very mating with such a star parent costs 1000-1500 euros. Plus, the breeder spends on the road, registration of veterinary documents. Risks that the dog will not be fertilized, or the litter will be few.

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