How Much Does a Newfoundland Dog Cost?

Name: Newfoundland
Other names: Newf, Newfie, The Gentle Giant
Country of origin: Canada and England
Size Type: Largest dog breeds
Group: Working Dog Breeds, Guard Dog Breeds
Life span: 8 – 10 years
Temperament: Gentle, Teachable, Sweet Tempered
Height: Males: 69-74 cm; Females: 63-69 cm
Weight: Males: 60-70 kg; Females: 45-55 kg
Color: Black, Black and white, Gray, Brown
Price of puppies: $2,500 to $9,500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

An intelligent dog with a good temperament. Can be a family companion, farm helper, or work in the water. Can move the cart. One of the friendliest breeds. It was originally used to pull nets out of the water and help boats to moor to the shore. Nowadays in France, a group of Newfoundlands patrols the coast and helps the Emergencies Ministry rescue people. On land, when passing the test, dogs, overcoming obstacles, must transport goods, pull sleds, and towboats. One of the main activities of Newfoundland is rescuing drowning people, regardless of whether the drowning person wants to be saved or not. For the most part, this breed is characterized by a gray color.

Kindness and gentleness of temperament are reflected in the appearance of Newfoundland. Majestic, cheerful, and resourceful, it is known for its gentleness and calmness. Newfoundland is a devoted companion.

Newfoundland has a water-repellent double coat. It is especially important to comb it out in hot or humid weather to prevent infection or parasites from getting on your skin. Instead of frequent bathing, the dog only needs to be brushed regularly. After using shampoo or other detergents, you must thoroughly rinse it off the skin to avoid various kinds of inflammation. Before trimming nails or plucking fur, it is recommended to read special literature or consult a professional.

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