How Much Does a Norwegian Elkhound Cost?

Name: Norwegian Elkhound
Other names: Norsk Elghund Sort, Norsk Elghund Black, Black Elkhound, Norwegian Moose Dog (black)
Country of origin: Norway
Group: Shepherd breed
Life span: 12 – 15 years
Temperament: Intelligent, alert, strong-willed, hardy, sturdy, proud
Height: Males: 46-49 cm; Females: 43-46 cm
Weight: Males: 23-27 kg; Females: 18-25 kg
Color: Black
Price of puppies: $500 – $800 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

The Norwegian Elkhound is a small breed of Spitz and is extremely rare outside of the Nordic countries of Scandinavia. The purpose of the breed is the same as that of the gray elk husky, but it is smaller in size, more agile, and easier to spot in the snow. Historically, it is a very young breed, first developed in the middle of the 19th century in Norway. The name Elkhound, used by the American Kennel Club, is a direct translation of the original Norwegian name Elghund, which means “elk dog”. In Norwegian, “elg” means “moose” and “hund” means “dog”.

The Norwegian Elkhound is a typical Spitz breed, with a short compact body, dark eyes, erect ears, and a sharply curled tail that rises above the back. The dog has a thick, good coat that does not stand out from the body. This is an all-weather hunting dog and the coat is very important to it. It should be able to withstand heavy Scandinavian autumn rains and cold weather, which this coat does well. The dog reaches 46-51 cm at the withers (18-20 inches) in males and 44 cm (+ 3 / 4) in females – and weighs about 18 kg (40 lbs).

The Norwegian Elkhound is a very strong and courageous dog; very alert, full of strength and pride. It is more determined than the gray elk husky and requires a strongly determined owner as a leader. She is very easy to learn, but she always needs to do something to be happy. She requires constant exercise and the activity of her wonderful mind in order to feel good. She is an excellent hunting dog and loves to spend time in the forest.

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  1. Very little of this article is accurate. Elkhounds are not “extremely rare” outside of Scandinavia. In the U.S., it is ranked 93rd in popularity out of 193 recognized breeds. The AKC breed standard calls for weight between 44 and 55 lb. And the price of $550 to $600 is inaccurate for a responsibly-bred puppy unless one cares little for necessities such as genetic health testing of the parents and proper raising and socializing of the litter. The price listed reflects the cost of a poorly-bred litter from a backyard breeder.

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