How Much Does a Norwegian Lundehund Cost?

Name: Norwegian lundehund
Other names: Norsk Lundehund, Norwegian Puffin Dog, Lundehund
Country of origin: Norway
Size Type: Small Dog Breeds
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Loyal, protective, alert, energetic
Height: Females: 30-36 cm; Males: 33-38 cm
Weight: Females: 6-9 kg; Males: 6-9 kg
Color: Black, White, Sable and White, Gray, Red, Yellow

Price of puppies: $2000 – $3000 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

The Norwegian Lundehund is a small, rectangular, and agile Spitz breed with unique characteristics not found in other breeds. Comes from the remote islands of the Arctic part of Norway. In that area, dogs of this breed took hatchets (birds) from deep gorges. Dogs of this breed must have unique characteristics that allow them to successfully climb, descend and slow down during the above prey chase: at least six toes on each paw, elongated hind legs, and an elastic neck that allows the head to turn back and reach the back, which allows the dog has to wade through the hatchet caves, as well as the shoulders that are flexible enough for the front legs to stretch out and reach the cliffs.

The body has slightly elongated proportions. The back is long and straight. The croup is slightly sloping. The length of the breast is of medium width, relatively deep and wide.

The Lundehund is an attentive, very energetic, and loyal protective dog. She can be circumspect towards strangers but is never aggressive towards people.

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