How Much Does a Parson Russell Terrier Cost?

Name: Parson Russell Terrier
Other names: Parson, Parson Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier
Country of origin: England
Size Type: Small Dog Breeds
Group: Terrier breed
Life span: 13 – 16 years
Temperament: Happy, Intelligent, Obedient, Bold, Energetic, Impatient
Height: Males: 34-38 cm; Females: 31-35 cm
Weight: Males: 5.9-7.7 kg; Females: 5.9-7.7 kg
Color: Lemon & White, White & Brown & Tan, Tricolor, Black & White
The price of puppies: $300 – $500 USD
Hypoallergenic: No

Parson Russell Terrier is a hunting terrier, active, small and medium-sized, agile, bred to chase foxes. The body is slightly longer the higher it is. Easily passes through a hand ring made by a person of average height. The length of the back from the withers to the beginning of the tail is approximately equal to the height of the dog at the withers. Regardless of the size of the terrier, its legs should be long enough for the dog to run agile and quickly over rough terrain. The head is moderately broad, with a flat skull, the transition is almost imperceptible. The ears are protected by a forward projection. The ears are V-shaped, protruding forward and leading to the skull. The tail is straight, high, usually docked, but not near the body. The coat is thick and warm, always thick – no matter how hard or smooth. The main color of the Parson Russell Terrier is white with black spots, beige or black and tan. Evaluate the Parson Russell Terrier as a service dog. Any excess or shortcomings are punished exactly to the extent that they affect his working qualities. Scars are not penalized, but they do not count as proof of the terrier’s working ability.

The normal build of the Parson Russell Terrier is slightly longer than the taller. The length of the back from withers to tail is equal to the height measured from withers to base. The Parson Russell Terrier is ideal for digging. This requires a chest with sufficient depth to allow enough room for the heart and lungs, but without excessive depth and breadth, as the dog often buries itself underground. The ribs are well arched from the spine and form a firm back. The chest must be able to be compressed so that the dog can freely burrow under the ground. The back is of moderate length, flat, turning into a muscular, slightly curved loin. The abdomen is moderately pulled in. The skin is thickened.

Brave and friendly. Muscular and smart. At work: game hunter, stubborn, brave, and totally dedicated. At home: playful, energetic, and extremely affectionate. He is an independent and energetic terrier and requires attention to himself. He shouldn’t be cocky. Shyness should not be confused with submissiveness. Obedience is not a vice. Sparring is not acceptable. Vice: shyness. Disqualification: open aggression towards other dogs.

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