How Much Should English Bulldogs Eat?

English Bulldog diet is an important process, as in other things, for any animal and person. When choosing a pet’s diet, first of all, it is worth deciding on the nature of the diet: natural or ready-made.

Ready Feed

Of course, ready-to-eat foods are a very convenient and functional way to give your dog all the nutrients, trace elements, and calories it needs. However, do not think that any food will suit the bulldog. When choosing, you should rely on the following indicators:

Manufacturer’s quality level. Give preference to premium and super-premium products. Cheap food can do more harm than good.

Choose the food according to the characteristics of the breed (height, weight, mobility, the need for special substances, if any).

You can try to choose your favorite taste for your pet, although bulldogs are not very happy about different taste sensations, for them the value of nutrition is more important.

The convenience of packaging and storage. It’s good when the package has the ability to be hermetically sealed. Otherwise, it is better to purchase a special storage container.

Natural Foods in the Diet of the English Bulldog

The advantages of this type, in fact, in its name – naturalness. The dog can get all the maximum benefits from nutrition only from natural food, and not synthesized. But it is worth noting that in order to feed the bulldog with fresh and high-quality products, you will have to spend a fair amount of money. In addition, time is needed to prepare fresh food.

What must be on the menu:

meat and offal (except for meat itself with a certain frequency, the dog needs to be given lungs, stomach, heart, ideally beef);

cereals, cereals;

eggs, boiled a couple of times a week;

milk – cottage cheese, kefir, whey, yogurt (milk is difficult for dogs to digest, it is better to drink it yourself);

vegetables, herbs (do not be surprised if a bulldog ferments a bunch of parsley appetizingly). Vegetables should be both boiled and fresh. Successful combinations are obtained in combination with low-fat sour cream, for example, beets, carrots, grated, with a spoonful of sour cream;

fruit (a bulldog is unlikely to give up a juicy apple or a sweet banana, but a pear can be a real punishment for you and the dog …).

What you shouldn’t give a bulldog are bones. It is a misconception that dogs love bones. Shrapnel can seriously damage the health of any dog. Therefore, our option is cartilage. If you need to scratch a puppy’s teeth, take a toy from the pet store for this purpose, crackers are also good (children, such children).

Choose lean types of meat, beef, and veal in priority. Bulldogs take excellent cereals: rice, buckwheat, wheat groats. Avoid semolina, it has no value other than fat.

If it so happens that the bulldog has tried something from the prohibited list and it really liked it, this may result in you in the rejection of the impudent person from food as such, with the demands of only “sweets”. In this case, you should periodically offer the dog its standard diet, in case of refusal, simply put the bowl in the refrigerator. Having protested a little, it will understand that nothing else will shine for it and will begin to eat what they have given.

Food should not remain in the bowl so that the dog does not get used to snacks between main feedings, the regime is very important for English Bulldogs. Only clean water at room temperature should be in constant availability.

There is nothing specific in feeding the English Bulldog, you just need to follow the rules and observe the regime.

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