How Much to Feed an English Bulldog Puppy

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the skeleton, very often the birth of puppies is associated with the inability to be born naturally. Cesarean section often shortens the time it takes for a dog to feed its offspring with its own milk until the required period (60 days). During this period, puppies are given to a new family. But this does not mean that the puppy should immediately start eating adult food.

How Much Should I Feed My English Bulldog Puppy?

First, a small bulldog should receive milk, already cow’s milk, at least 5 times a day. After 5-7 days, new dairy products can be added to his diet: cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir. A week later, training begins to full-fledged nutrition, little by little the baby begins to master cereals, vegetables, and minced meat. To understand whether or not there is an allergy or some abnormal reaction to some product, they are given at intervals of 12 hours. For example: in the morning they fed minced meat at 8 in the morning, and at 20 they gave beets. So you will probably know if everything is in order, and if it is NOT in order, then specify what is the reason.

At the age of 3-4 months, the puppy’s teeth will begin to change. During this period, it is necessary to ensure the intake of calcium in the body of a young bulldog. Therefore, dairy products are a very important component of a puppy’s menu. Also at this age, food is already divided into 4 meals.

When your four-legged friend is half a year old, remove milk from the diet altogether, but we very much leave fermented milk products and increase a little in volume. At this age, English Bulldogs develop lactose intolerance. The number of meals is reduced to 3. Your baby is almost like an adult.

Minced meat is increasingly worth replacing with whole meat products. This is necessary for the formation of the bite, the development of the jaw muscles.

In a year, the number of servings is reduced to 2 and the puppy completely switches to the adult diet.

How Much Should English Bulldogs Eat?

To understand if the dog is full, just evaluate its mood and behavior. If it completely ate what was offered, licked the bowl and left it, then the dog is completely full. This is the perfect serving for it. Leftover food indicates that your pet has exceeded what it needs. Throw away the leftovers and next time put in a serving minus that leftover. The hungry bulldog will not leave the bowl but will ask for more. Do not worry that this is from greed, this behavior is not typical for this breed.

Meat products are calculated for the puppy by weight. For every kilogram – 60 g of meat. For an adult dog, the daily norm of the meat part is no more than 250 g.

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