How Often and When Do Rottweilers Go Into Heat?

Not every Rottweiler owner thinks about starting pedigree breeding. But those who own healthy pedigree “girls” and want them to be able to give birth to puppies in the future should be aware of all the issues related to this process.

Heat Cycles in Rottweilers

The fact that the dog is ready for mating will be shown by the onset of estrus. In most cases, the first estrus in Rottweilers occurs in the period from 6 to 12 months and then takes place 2 times a year with an interval of 6-7 months.

Important! If the domestic female is one year old, and she has not yet had heat, the dog must be shown to the veterinarian.

The duration of estrus in Rottweilers is 20-22 days. This period is characterized by swelling of the external genital organs, spotting from them. Sometimes there is an increased urge to urinate. The owner should arrange additional care for the pet during estrus. During walks, you must not let the female off the leash and let the males near her.

Important! For a dog in estrus, you can purchase special panties at the veterinary pharmacy that will prevent staining the floors and your bed.

Most often, dogs who are already 1.5-2 years old are allowed to mate. It is advisable not to involve females who have already turned 4 years old for mating or to do so only after obtaining permission from the veterinarian.

Important! “For health” mating for Rottweilers, like any other dogs, is not needed. If the owner does not plan to breed, it is better to sterilize the pet. Only completely healthy animals, both physically and psychologically, are allowed for breeding.

Rottweiler: Pregnancy

Females are ready for mating on the 15-16th day of estrus. If the mating is successful, then pregnancy occurs. In Rottweilers, pregnancy lasts 8 to 10 weeks, with an average of 9.

In the first month, the female does not need any additional care. The only thing that the owner should remember is that during this period the pet is more susceptible to infectious and viral diseases due to a decrease in immunity. Pregnant females are not treated for worms, coat is not treated with fleas and other parasites.

You can determine the number of puppies at 5 weeks, during this period the dog must be shown to the veterinarian. From this time on, it is also necessary to increase the number of feedings. Veterinarians recommend feeding a pregnant female 3 times a day for up to 8 weeks, and 4 times after. It is necessary to increase both the norms for giving meat and cereals and the amount of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Important! A week before the expected birth for the dog, it is necessary to organize a secluded place for puppy births.

The fact that childbirth is close will be prompted by an increase in body temperature, a change in the behavior of a pregnant female. Colostrum begins to flow from the enlarged nipples. For delivery, the owner must prepare a large number of clean towels, disinfectants, oilcloth, or disposable diapers. For puppies, you need to stock a large box with soft bedding. To cut the umbilical cord and tie it up, you will need scissors and a thick, coarse thread. For Rottweiler owners who will be giving birth to their pets for the first time, it is advisable to enlist the support of a veterinarian.

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