How to Care for an American Cocker Spaniel

Seeing a plush American Cocker Spaniel puppy, anyone will want to touch his soft fur, pick him up and, perhaps, even take him home. Potential owners need to be aware that although the dog looks like a plush toy, it needs constant and thorough care, which has its own characteristics.


American Cocker Spaniel Care

The trademark of American cockers is their beautiful long coat. If you do not follow her, she can lose her attractiveness, get lost in tangles, which will cause discomfort to the dog and even provoke the development of certain diseases.

Important! To the procedure of combing hair, a baby Cocker needs to be taught almost from birth. Every day, for a few minutes, you need to comb it out, letting you sniff it before and even try the comb “on the tooth”.

If a dog comes to a new home from a certified kennel, then, most likely, he will already have a “hairstyle” and the puppy will not panic at the sight of tools – a slicker and a hairdryer.

In general, hair care can be divided into the following stages:

Combing. The procedure is tedious to carry out every day if the dog is still in puppyhood. You need to teach your pet to wait until the end of brushing, not allowing yourself to be manipulated. Adults can be brushed once every 10 days after washing.

The washing up. You need to wash your long-haired cocker with special shampoos and balms. The water should not cause discomfort to the dog.

Drying. Wool after bath procedures should be thoroughly wiped with a terry towel or dried with a hairdryer at low speed.

Important! If the coat remains wet after washing, the dog may catch a cold. In addition, when it dries on its own, it will not fall into a beautiful wave.

Features of the Care You Need to Know

American cocker owners should take into account that the structure of their ears suggests the development of various diseases, such as otitis media and infectious lesions. To avoid the development of such pathologies, you need to cut the hair around the auricles once every two weeks and wipe the skin with a special solution.

Also, the potential owner should take into account that American kids are absolutely not adapted to life on the street. It is impossible to keep them in a cramped booth or a spacious aviary on a chain. They feel comfortable and safe on a high bed in the room next to the bedroom of a loved one, or on a personal armchair.

Overly human-oriented cockers cannot be alone for long. The main feature of the content is that the owner should devote his time to the dog to the maximum, not leaving her alone in the apartment. If the cocker is in the apartment too often, the neighbors may not like it. He will accompany his loneliness with loud howling and barking, damage to things and furniture.

Physical Exercise

The ancestors of American cocker spaniels are real hunters who tirelessly followed their owners through fields and forests in pursuit of game. Although small in size, the “Americans” were practically not used for hunting in the feather, but they took over from their “big brothers” the need for frequent and active walks in the fresh air.

A person who decides to have an American cocker needs to be prepared for the fact that the dog will not sit decorously near his feet on the street. She needs to be active and spend energy by running and jumping after a ball or toy. It is better to walk along noisy streets with a dog on a leash; in quieter park alleys, you can safely let it down and not be afraid that the dog, having played, will fall under a car or knock someone down.

In general, American Cocker Spaniels are considered a kind and companionable breed with little trouble for the owner. Proper care will prolong their life, and the love of the owner will make it happy and fulfilling.

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