How to Choose a Beauceron Puppy?

An interesting breed of Beauceron, but you should know in advance that such dogs are not suitable for those who decided to get a dog for the first time, too busy people, people who decided to have a live guard, and those who do not have a complete idea of the breed.

You should not buy a puppy spontaneously, without looking closely at him and without studying the information about the breed.

What to Look for When Choosing a Beauceron Puppy

Having chosen a breeder (kennel), the first step is to visit the place where the dogs are kept and talk to the breeder. The breeder should be interested in the future fate of the babies. The responsible breeder will ask a number of questions regarding the purpose of acquiring a puppy, the status of future owners, the experience of keeping dogs, as well as answer the questions that have arisen, give advice on which puppy is best suited for a particular family, tell about the problems of keeping a Beauceron, and will offer to keep in touch. with the future owners of the puppy.

In turn, you need to ask how many dogs the breeder has and in what conditions they are kept. If there are a lot of them, then it should be taken into account that the breeder may not have enough money, attention, and care for a large number of dogs, which means that the dogs may have health problems, socialization. If the breeder is reluctant to answer questions and is trying to sell the puppy as soon as possible, you should be wary. The price should not vary depending on gender and color.

In general, inexperienced dog breeders often get lost when choosing a Beauceron puppy on their own, relying on the breeder, not even fully understanding what is written in the pedigree and other documents. Therefore, it is important to find a responsible breeder with a good reputation, who willingly makes contact, takes care of the fate of his pets, and explains, on the basis of which the choice was made in favor of a particular Beauceron puppy.

When choosing a Beauceron puppy, it will not be superfluous to look at his parents. Usually, you can only see a female live, because males mostly live in a different place with other owners and you can only evaluate them from a photograph. It is good if the breeder provides information about other relatives of the female and dog, namely information about their health and career. Parents must be over 2 years old (bitches aged 2-6 years), have excellent health and conformation. If the bitch has not the first litter, then it will not be superfluous to learn about the fate of the babies of the previous litter. With regards to age, it should be borne in mind that, unlike other breeds, Beauceron matures more slowly, up to 3 years of age. Therefore, it is important that the parents of the puppies reach puberty. Their state of health is checked even before mating, tests for hip dysplasia must be carried out, which must be documented by the breeder. Parents, as well as relatives, should be with a balanced psyche.

A puppy must be at least 8 months old before a breeder can sell it. Up to this point, the breeder socializes the kids, conducts basic training, determines the type of temperament, depending on which the purpose of the puppy is determined – companion, guard, athlete, etc. reaction to coercion, leadership.

Do not give preference to a too timid puppy, especially if the baby is already over 1.5 months old. Shyness is manifested in detachment, a tucked tail, fearfulness. If a Beauceron puppy shows fear at an early age, then as it grows up, his fears will not disappear anywhere. If you need a guard dog, then shyness and timidity are not the best characteristics. Perhaps the breeder did not make an effort to socialize the babies, unleash their potential, and eliminate shyness.

Characteristic features of the breed are firmness of character, determination, self-confidence, lack of fear, nervousness, timidity. Therefore, when choosing a puppy, one should evaluate his behavior, attitude towards strangers and other puppies. A Beauceron puppy should not be afraid, hesitantly approach a person, but should not be very happy about his arrival, should show curiosity, should not show submission, but also not show aggression, manifested in barking, growling, attempts to bite, grab the trouser leg.

Thus, when choosing a Beauceron puppy, you need to evaluate the entire litter, observe the proposed puppies, preferably several times. Observing the kids, you can determine which of them are leaders, which are the noisiest, strongest, gentlest, and most submissive. As a result, preference will be given to the baby that suits a particular person, and the breeder will always help make the right choice. The main thing is not to let the baby choose the owner, as is often the case, for example, many take the one who first ran up and showed curiosity. It is necessary to choose a puppy of Beauceron deliberately, evaluating the traits of his character. The choice will be correct if it falls on a balanced, moderately energetic, good-natured Beauceron.

As for gender, the choice is for the future owner. It should be noted that males are more independent, will show leadership and stubbornness, especially when it comes to training.

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