How to Choose a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

To choose a good, healthy Jack Russell Terrier puppy, there are some rules to follow.

If you don’t know much about Jack Russell Terriers, be sure to read the standards. It describes the points that are worth paying attention to size, weight, the shape of the ears, color, etc.

At the age of 1.5 – 2 months, the baby may have an overshot, straight bite, or undershot, but there is a chance that this deficiency will correct when changing teeth. However, it is still worth checking the bite of the parents.

The nose of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy should be wet and free of discharge (as well as the eyes and ears).

The coat is shiny and clean.

The tummy is firm and soft.

The oral cavity and gums are pink, without ulcers and plaque.

There should be no dewclaws.

Feel the entire tail, it is desirable that it is clean under it, and it does not have irregularities and creases.

Watch how the puppy goes to the toilet, it will tell you about diseases of the digestive tract. Ask them to feed the puppies with you. If they do not pounce on food, this is a reason to be wary.

The color is strictly regulated by the standard, and white should prevail in it.

Jack Russell Terrier puppy must be fearless, with smart eyes. It is better if he seeks to show leadership qualities. But at the same time, the baby should not be shy, too aggressive. A balanced Jack Russell Terrier puppy will calmly react to a bunch of keys thrown on the floor and willingly accept your offer to play.

Visit several nurseries. This will give you the confidence to make the right choice. Good Jack Russell Terrier puppies are sold only in proven clubs and kennels.

Take a closer look at the parents of the baby you like, study their pedigrees. Are they aggressive or, on the contrary, calm, or cowardly? Ask if adult dogs howl alone or if there have been any behavioral problems.

Look at the conditions in which dogs are kept. The floor should not be slippery. There should be a dedicated area for sleeping, as well as space for games and toys.

The selected puppy must have a veterinary passport with all the necessary vaccinations, a stamp or a chip, and a puppy card. Ask the breeder for a mating report and a litter survey report.

If you have ambitious plans, choose a Jack Russell Terrier puppy not less than 4 months old (or better than half a year). By this time, everything is already clear with behavior, color, size, and teeth. But the cost of a promising grown-up puppy will be much more expensive.

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