How to Choose a Pomeranian Puppy?

Having decided on the breed, having studied the information about the types of the Pomeranian, the temperament and standard, the characteristics of care, having visited the exhibitions, and having an idea of ​​the cost of dogs of this breed, you can start looking for a kennel, a breeder and buying a puppy.

Even in the best-case scenario, having found a good breeder, choosing a Pomeranian puppy can be quite difficult because all the tiny lumps will seem cute and adorable. Often, when choosing, everything is decided by intuition, which puppy will be drawn to, he will be the dearest.

First of all, you should pay attention to the maintenance of dogs and the interest, sociability of the breeder, who will definitely ask about the purpose of acquiring a puppy, tell about the parents and their merits, give advice on feeding and further caring for the baby, answer all questions of interest.


At What Age to Take a Puppy

The type (height, size) and quality of the breed are determined at the age of 2.5-3.5 months, and it is at this age that the puppy can be picked up. If you are planning a show career for a puppy, then you can pick it up later, when it reaches the age of 4 months. By this age, the teeth change and it is already possible to identify the presence of a defect (in the standard) in the form of missing teeth that have not come out.

At the age of 4-5 months, Pomeranians molt, the intensity of molting is different. The animals do not look very attractive, but the structure of the body is easily visible, which allows you to evaluate the puppy and determine its compliance with the standard. The nose is also noticeably stretched, the ears become visually larger, the real color begins to appear. Such changes are inevitable and this should not be scary, because after a while the Pomeranian puppy will turn into a luxurious dog. By the age of one year, a thick coat is formed, and the full formation of the head is completed by the age of 2.

Pomeranian Puppies: Appearance

The first thing worth paying attention to is health. Healthy puppies are well-nourished, have no mucus in the corners of their eyes, they have a clean and shiny look, there is no dirt in the anus, the skin is clean without redness, swelling, irritation, and large dandruff. Buying a dog for the home should not be intimidated by the presence of a small fontanel.

As for the distinctive behavioral traits, you need to choose a Pomeranian puppy who is willing to contact, cheerful, and lively. Taking the puppy in your arms, you need to look at his reaction, the baby should not wriggle and struggle, behave aggressively.

Pomeranian puppies have their own external distinctive features, which are clearly visible if the breeder has already taught the kids the exhibition stand. They have an excellent soft thick coat, the neck with the head raised up, there is a “smile” on the muzzle, the front limbs are straight, and the hind legs are slightly set back, the tail is pressed tightly to the back, their movements are elastic and energetic.

Color does not matter when choosing a Pomeranian for family life as a companion. But for an exhibition career and breeding, it is important to choose puppies of a standard color, given that it is recommended to breed dogs of certain colors with dogs of the same color, and the fact that there are exhibitions for Pomeranian of one color, for example, only for white or only black and brown.

Dogs come with different types of muzzles, distinguish between the classic and Pomeranian type. In one litter, puppies of different types can be born – of different heights and with a different type of muzzle.

Dogs of the classic type have a “fox” muzzle – narrow, as well as they have sharp large ears, thin paws, abundant hair with a predominance of guard hair. Pomeranians of the classic type are rare.

Dogs of the Pomeranian type have a short muzzle like a bear cub, a rounded head, thick cheeks, a high tail, thick paws, hair sticking up, and a thick undercoat.

Most often, dogs of the intermediate type are found, having something from the first and second types.

Choosing a Pomeranian Depending on Gender

The sex of the puppy should not be critical, but if it does, then the choice of the Pomeranian depends on personal preference. It is worth remembering that males look more impressive, they do not shed abundantly and have a more luxurious coat, thus better suited for a show career. In addition, the male does not lose shape while the female changes in appearance after giving birth. Males are more affectionate, but require more attention to themselves, are more attached to family members, although females are also strongly attached. Boys mature longer and are more difficult to train because they are constantly distracted, but they retain their playfulness until old age.

For breeding purposes, of course, you need to take a female. But it must be remembered that puppy birth is more difficult in small dogs, and sometimes a cesarean section is required. Therefore, it is better to purchase bitches of the highest height. Females show dominant qualities, they are more inventive and cunning, show independence and stubbornness.

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