How to Groom a Pug

A healthy and well-groomed pet’s coat is an indicator of competent care of the animal and love for it. Grooming is one of the important activities that dogs participating in exhibitions and international competitions always undergo. But sometimes it happens that a haircut is also required for pet pets, due to the specifics of the disease or the peculiarities of the structure of the coat.


Do Pugs Need a Haircut?

By nature, the representatives of the breed have a very short, rather hard, and dense coat. At first glance, it seems that nothing can happen to her and it is not necessary to cut her hair. However, this is not at all the case.

Important! A haircut is performed not only as a beauty salon procedure but also as a preventive measure, for certain types of pet diseases.

Dogs building an exhibition career are subject to a haircut without fail. This helps to achieve the necessary volume and styling of the coat, which is recognized by the official breed standards.

In addition, a partial haircut greatly facilitates the care of the pet by its owners. And in case of cuts, abrasions, suppurations, or fungal skin lesions, the procedure is mandatory, since medicines and ointments must be delivered directly to the wound, and dense wool will not allow this.

Professional Care

Grooming of dogs of any breed is performed with a special electric clipper with a nozzle of the appropriate size. Pugs are sheared strictly in the direction of hair growth, all over the body or partially, depending on the purpose of the procedure.

Important! Experts point out that it is categorically impossible to cut dogs with wet hair. This can seriously damage your pet’s skin.

After completing the haircut, the pet’s skin becomes velvet-like, very soft, and silky. It does this by cutting off long, coarse hairs. Grooming allows you to facilitate the process of molting the animal, making it almost invisible.

How to Groom a Dog at Home

In order to save time and money, you can try to trim your pug at home. It is quite simple to do this if the arsenal has a special electric machine designed for animals.

Important! The muzzle and neck of the animal are not touched during cutting. The owner will have to think about a smooth transition from the pug’s head to the body, from which approximately 1 cm of hair is clipped.

There are several basic rules that will make the procedure as convenient and high-quality as possible:

you should prepare a convenient place for grooming your pet in advance (the table, windowsill, or counter should be well lit, and the dog should not be afraid of him);

on a slippery surface, you need to install a rubber mat so that the pug’s paws do not part during work;

dirty wool is not cut, the pet is washed in advance with a special shampoo and allowed to dry completely or dry with a compressor;

It is better to cut the belly of the dog, putting it on its hind legs and gently holding it;

if necessary, walk the machine along the fold, it must first be straightened with your fingers, the device should not stick into the skin.

Important! It is not necessary to cut all the pug’s fur, this can lead to disruption of natural heat exchange, sunburn, as well as skin problems.

In general, the procedure is not too difficult if your pug easily tolerates such manipulations on himself. Otherwise, it is better to turn to professionals in their field, taking your pet to an animal salon.

Pug Haircut Options

Due to the short coat, pugs do not have the opportunity to show off in the choice of hairstyles. Usually, they are cut in an even layer under the clipper from neck to fingertips. On the paws, tail, and pants of the animal, the haircut is carried out with thinning scissors.

If it is necessary to bare certain parts of the body, for example, during the treatment of a fungal disease, a partial cutting of the wool cover is carried out to the very base with a machine. Sometimes this is not required even for therapeutic reasons.

Often, the owners of pugs bring dogs to the salon to carry out the so-called edging. This is cutting off mechanically damaged hairs that spoil the appearance of the coat. This makes it possible to facilitate pet care.

In general, a haircut is an optional procedure if the pet is not a participant in exhibitions. In other cases, a visit to the animal salon is required before each exhibition.

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