How to Persuade Parents to Buy a Dog

What is the most desirable gift for a child? New doll, bike, fancy gadget? Maybe. But for many guys, the dream is to buy a puppy. The tailed friend will never betray, he will be able to protect from enemies, if necessary, he will cheer up. But what if the parents flatly refuse to buy a dog?


It is important to know before asking a parent for a puppy

  1. An animal is not a toy. You can throw the ball under the sofa and safely forget about it for a month or two. It won’t work with a dog. She will have to be brought up and trained in commands (“next to”, “to me,” “not allowed,” “sit,” etc.). As a responsible owner, you will have to play with your pet, take it for walks twice a day (usually in the morning and in the evening, in any weather). The dog will need to be shown to the veterinarian. And of course, feed.
  2. A dog can bring more than just pleasant chores. You will have to wash the tailed friend’s dirty paws after a walk, clean up if the dog vomits. It will be your responsibility to bathe and comb the animal promptly so that the clothes and furniture in the apartment are not covered with a layer of wool.
  3. You will have to be at home more often with the dog. Dogs, like humans, can get bored. From a lack of attention, the dog can even get seriously ill. Therefore, you will either have to take your pet with you while walking with friends or find entertainment at home.
  4. All dogs are individual. Before asking your parents for a puppy, read more about the breed you like. Let’s say you would like to have a handsome pit bull terrier. Please note that this is a very serious breed. With the wrong upbringing, a pit bull can turn into a real monster. However, with a skilled owner, these dogs may not be more dangerous than a dachshund or poodle. It is better to know all the subtleties of the character of the representatives of the desired breed in advance.

Remember that by deciding to become the owner of a dog, you are taking on a lot of responsibility. Of course, the animal will be your loyal and sincere friend, but still, requiring care and good care. If you have read about the intricacies of caring for dogs, feeding, upbringing, and necessary vaccinations, then you already know that part of your personal time will be devoted to your pet. Answer yourself to the question, can you be a really good master? If the answer is yes, proceed with parenting.

How to convince your parents that you need a dog

  1. First, make sure of your own neatness and love of order. If your room is in a crazy mess, there are bags of chips and candy wrappers around, clothes are scattered around, then your parents are unlikely to agree to buy a puppy. And they will be right. How can you take care of an animal if you can’t even take care of yourself? Put things in order: dust, vacuum, and mop the floor, take out the trash, carefully place books and toys on the shelves.
  2. If you are in school, correct bad grades (if any). Mom and Dad will be more willing to listen to a request to buy a dog if they know that you are trying hard in your studies.
  3. Decide on your dog breed in advance. Better to give preference to companion dogs of medium to small size, good for all family members. If there are already other animals in the house (cats, hamsters, etc.), keep in mind that you need a dog that will not strive to dominate. These breeds include, for example, the poodle. These dogs are very smart, not prone to aggression, they can get along in the same house with a cat. However, it’s up to you to choose. The main thing is to find out as much as possible about your favorite breed. Read the reviews of the owners of breeding kennels, find out the legends associated with the breed. That is, by the time of the conversation with your parents, you must be “savvy”.
  4. Before talking, try to put yourself in the shoes of adults. If your parents are renting a house, they may not refuse to buy a four-legged friend because of harm. If you live in a one-room apartment, then mom and dad will not be able to buy a giant dog. If there is not much money in the family, alas, you will have to forget about buying a puppy of a too expensive breed. Try to think about all the nuances that may arise during a conversation about buying a dog. Perhaps your parents will meet you halfway by offering to take a mongrel puppy from the shelter. Or they will agree to buy a small dog. Or they promise to purchase an animal after some time. Be prepared to compromise.
  5. Before you start asking your dog, pick the right moment. When your parents come home from work (tired, angry), you better not start. Also, don’t ask to buy a puppy over the phone. It is advisable to time the conversation on weekends when mom and dad are in a good mood.
  6. First, ask your parents to listen to you to the end. Explain why you need a dog. Phrases like “I just want to have a dog” or “They bought Kolya, and the worse I am” are unlikely to impress parents. Tell them you need a real friend to take care of. That you have been dreaming about a puppy for a long time. For persuasiveness, tell us a little interesting about the dogs of your favorite breed.
  7. Be sure to remind Mom and Dad that you will be looking after the puppy yourself. And this will not affect your performance in school. Say that you take on the lion’s share of the care of the animal. And if they agree to buy a pet, then you will be the one to walk with the puppy, clean up after him, and raise him.
  8. Tell us about the benefits of having a dog in the house. Firstly, even a small four-legged friend can drive off an intruder from the apartment with a loud bark while the parents are at work and you are at school. Secondly, with the dog, you will feel safe on the street. Thirdly, with the dog, you will spend more time in the fresh air, and not on the Internet. Fourth, you will become more collected and responsible (for clarity, invite your parents to look at the ideal order that now reigns in your room).
  9. Get ready to parry the blow. Adults often begin to list every conceivable disadvantage of dogs. And they bark loudly and molt strongly, and they can bite, and they have worms. Explain that a well-bred animal will not cause discomfort to anyone. There will be no trace of the fur if the dog is bathed and combed promptly. And timely prevention of helminthiasis will not leave the worms a chance to settle in the dog’s body.
  10. If one of the parents (let it be a dad) took your desire positively, that’s already good. Talk to him in private. Tell me again how much you dream of a dog. Ask your father to talk to your mother. Perhaps your joint persuasion will affect her.
  11. If the parents do not agree to buy a puppy, do not rush to be offended. Ask why they refuse you. When a refusal is motivated by the fact that you are a bad student, you will have to correct the bad grades. If one of the parents is allergic to wool, tell them that there are dogs that practically do not shed. Or they do not even shed at all due to the lack of wool (such as the Xoloitzcuintle).

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