How to Stop My Dog From Fearing the Vet

For many dogs, going to the veterinary clinic is a major stress. And even if your pet is in good health, then visits the clinic for vaccinations and preventive examinations still cannot be avoided. Of course, it is impossible to make your dog fall in love with the doctor’s visit, but you can at least reduce his worries about this.

Why Your Dog May Be Afraid of Vet Clinics

A visit to a dog clinic is associated with many incomprehensible and unpleasant things. New frightening smells and sounds, other frightened animals in line, a stranger who holds the dog by force and carries out some unpleasant manipulations – giving an injection, taking blood, etc. Of course, for a dog, this is a very nervous experience that she does not want to repeat.

How to Desensitize Your Pet to the Vet

The good news is that this fear can be overcome with enough time and effort. You may not be able to get rid of it completely, but you can definitely reduce the stress level your dog is experiencing.

If the methods suggested below do not help your pet, then you should seek the advice of a zoopsychologist who will tell you is the best way to proceed specifically in your case.

Home Workouts

Visits to the veterinarian are kind of intimidating to your pet in that he is not used to how he is treated during the check-up. Try to teach him to do this at home: check the dog’s ears and teeth every day, hold it during this process. Simulate a veterinarian check-up at home, praise your pet for good behavior so that he is not intimidated by a real check-up at the clinic.

Praise the Dog and Do Not Drag It By Force

During your visit to the clinic, constantly cheer your dog up, give him treats and praise him. Do not scold her if she does not want to go into the office and rests, do not drag her there by force, try to lure her there with cunning, let the delicacies come into play again, but not your screams and strength.

Anxiety Medications

If your pet is afraid of the veterinarian so much that his behavior cannot be controlled at all, then consult a doctor – he may prescribe medication for your dog to help relieve stress. But just be sure to talk about it with a specialist, do not self-medicate!

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