How to Train Labrador Retrievers

Training a Labrador retriever is pleasant and easy. Thanks to their high training ability, Labradors can learn such complex “specialties” as search engines, rescuers, and guides for the blind.


Principles of Labrador Training

The process of training a Labrador retriever is based on the principle “from simple to difficult”. It is possible to raise requirements and set new tasks only when the dog has clearly mastered the previous ones. Otherwise, the pet will experience severe stress, which is fraught with loss of contact with you or nervousness.

Labrador training is divided into general and special. Shared are simple obedience skills that make your dog comfortable and make life easier for you and your four-legged friend. This is a must-have program for any dog.

Special training prepares the Labrador for a specific job: search and rescue, search, etc.

Labrador Training at Home

Training and education of a Labrador puppy at home begins from infancy. The Labrador must perceive the owner as a leader. To do this, it is worth giving the dog as much time as possible, showing patience and perseverance.

The general course of training a Labrador at home includes the commands:

  • SIT
  • DOWN
  • STAY
  • WAIT
  • COME
  • OFF
  • NO
  • HEEL
  • BED
  • LAP
  • CAR
  • and overcoming obstacles.

There are rules to follow that will help you and your dog learn all the tricks faster.

Rules for Training a Labrador at Home

  1. If you are starting to train your Labrador at home and you have doubts that the dog will follow your command, it is better not to give it at all.
  2. The command is given only once.
  3. A previously given command is canceled only by another indication.
  4. Prohibiting commands are learned together with permissive ones.
  5. Praise the Labrador as often as possible, alternate activities with games.
  6. Be sure to reward your pet if he did the command correctly. As for a Labrador puppy, even the slightest attempt to please you deserves a reward.
  7. It is best to start training your Labrador Retriever in a familiar environment and then train in different locations.
  8. Ideally, you should devote at least 10 minutes a day to training the Labrador, and it is desirable to involve all household members in the process – and make sure that they follow the rules. The Labrador puppy is trained only in the game.

When you learn the verbal commands, you can move on to controlling the dog with the help of some gestures – in the future, this will make it possible to control the pet from a distance. Like verbal commands, gestures should be clear and standard.

It is unacceptable for the dog to be afraid of the trainer. A frightened pet is unable to fully learn. The best policy in training a Labrador at home is a careful and calm attitude towards a four-legged friend.

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