Interesting Facts About the Akita Inu

Akita Inu is one of the most interesting and amusing breeds. What can we say about its relevance? A lot of interesting things can be told about these red and fluffy dogs.

Akita Inu Facts

Akitas are incredibly calm and friendly. As such, they are used as stress-relieving dogs. Communication with Akita will very quickly release you from a difficult emotional state.

The breed is incredibly clean. They are sometimes compared to felines since cleanliness comes first.

The high intelligence of dogs is confirmed by their “silence”. Akita will never vote for no good reason.

Despite the friendliness and positiveness, Akita zealously defend their personal space. Therefore, the dog needs to be taught to coexist with other pets as a puppy. If you take a new tenant to a house where there is an adult Akita, you will have to work on harmony in their relationship.

Akita can only be taught by a person with a strong temperament, self-confidence. Otherwise, the dog will train the owner.

The breed belongs to the oldest “pure” breeds. Akita preserved in its, so to speak, its original form, without impurities of other breeds.

The breed gained incredible popularity thanks to an incredibly dramatic film about a loyal friend.

A smiling dog is about Akita. Their special jaw structure gives the impression that the dog is smiling all the time.

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