Irish Wolfhound: Personality & Temperament

Peace-loving giants of the canine world are infinitely loyal to their master, friendly towards his relatives and friends, friendly, but careful with strangers.

Smart and balanced dogs, unusually obedient, for which it is difficult to perceive them as animals because they are real personalities.


Irish Wolfhound: the Owner and Other People

Endowed with devotion and patient character, the Irish wolfhounds get along well with children, while for the children you can be absolutely calm. Sensitive and gentle wolfhounds carefully treat children, protecting them, but it is unacceptable to leave very young children with a dog. However, the good behavior of the dog in the future depends on timely correct education. Irish wolfhounds lend themselves to training with certain perseverance, but not cruelty. Dogs are painful to tolerate rough and cruel treatment.

If the owner suddenly falls ill, it is not at all surprising if the dog also feels unwell. The bond between dogs and humans is so strong. The Irish wolfhound does not tolerate a long stay alone, does not like to live locked up, for example, in a cramped aviary. To a greater extent, modern wolfhounds are couch potatoes, so as not to raise a lazy giant, you should take daily walks with physical exertion. A distinctive feature of the Irish wolfhound’s character can be called adaptability to the level of activity of the owner. If the owner is active, then the dog will happily frolic on the street, if the owner is lazy, then the dog will also prefer to spend the day at home without walking. It is important to consider that the Irish wolfhound has its own habits that do not change throughout life.

The Hunting Instinct of the Irish Wolfhound

In most cases, the wolfhound’s hunting instinct prevails and the dog cannot resist hunting small animals, there are exceptions, but there are few of them. There are good relationships between animals, but some dogs still show curiosity and playfulness towards other pets. If you live in a country house where there is a private yard with poultry, for example, chickens, then there is a high probability that one day they will become prey of a wolfhound. It is important to teach the wolfhound to other animals from an early age, but this does not always work. The dog may not attack those it knows, and rush in pursuit of those animals that it does not know.

Irish Wolfhound: Guarding Dog

The guarding qualities are excellent, but for the sake of this, it is very dangerous to keep the dog, since the Irish wolfhound, sensing a threat to the owner, can attack and severely cripple a potential enemy. Therefore, it is important from an early age to socialize the dog and not encourage aggression. Sentinel qualities are not the best, the wolfhound will not be able to warn the owner about strangers since he will be more curious about strangers than will give a voice. But the impressive size can scare outsiders with evil intentions.

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